Pallet Trucks with Long Forks

MA20 pallet trucks with long forks can be used for handling special pallets with board, glass or other unusually long loads. They can also be used for handling two pallets simultaneously. These pallet trucks with fork lengths of either 1500mm, 1800mm or 2000mm provide an economical solution to handling unusual loads.

If you require a stronger, heavier duty long truck, please consider the LLT23 heavy duty long pallet truck or call us with your requirements and we can make one to suit.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 2000kg
Length of Forks: 1500, 1800 or 2000 mm
Width over Forks: 540 or 680 mm
Lowered Fork Height: 85 mm
Raised Fork Height: 200 mm
Wheels: Nylon


Standard Pallet Truck

Fitted with nylon wheels as standard.

This hand pallet truck has a powder-coated finish for increased durability. The pallet truck's hydraulic pump unit is fitted with an overload protection valve, fingertip operated controlled lowering valve and all wheels are fitted with sealed ball bearings. All our pallet trucks come supplied with a 12 month warranty.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 2500 kg
Length of Forks:
1150 mm
Width over Forks: 540 mm
Lowered Fork Height:
85 mm
Raised Fork Height: 200 mm
Wheels: Nylon steer wheels / single nylon load rollers
Approx. Weight: 80 kg

BT Hand Pallet Truck

  • Rugged, robust pump for high reliability
  • Easy to steer and manoeuvre because of 180º steering angle
  • Easy to pump because of high quality and design
  • Easy pallet entry thanks to rounded fork tips and front climber wheels
  • Easy to handle because of low weight
  • Reliable and robust fork frame made of high strength steel
Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 2300 kg
Length of Forks: 1150 mm
Width over Forks: 520 mm
Lowered Fork Height: 85 mm
Raised Fork Height: 200 mm
Wheels: Nylon
Approx. Weight: 68 kg

Mini Pallet Truck

The LLT500 mini pallet truck is designed for light to medium use. It's compact size and low weight allow it to be easily transported in vans as well as being very manoeuverable thanks to its minimal turning radius. The forks are designed to work with most printer's pallets and other small pallets. If you are not sure whether this truck is suitable for you, please email us a photo or a sketch of your pallet with the basic dimensions.

This mini hand pallet truck also has a lowered height of only 60mm, making it ideal for small low profile pallets.

The mini pallet truck is very popular in the printing and photographic industries as well as by delivery van drivers with little room in the vehicle and/or weight limits.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 500 kg
Length of Forks:
800 mm
Width over Forks: 380 mm
Lowered Fork Height:
60 mm
Raised Fork Height: 170 mm
Polyurethane Steer Wheels/Nylon Load Rollers
Approx. Weight: 35 kg

Printer's Pallet Trucks

Printer's (short) pallet trucks are ideal for use with half size pallets, such as those typical in the printing industry. This model is available in two different fork sizes as standard, other forks lengths and widths are available to order.

We hold in stock printer's pallet trucks with forks:

450 x 900mm and
450 x 1000mm

These are the most popular Printer's pallet trucks fork sizes and are almost always in stock
We also stock other similar fork sizes including 460 x 500mm, 460 x 600mm, 460 x 800mm, 460 x 1150 and 460 x 1200. We can of course make special printer's pallet trucks to your requirements.

If you have any such special requirements with regards to printer's pallet trucks, please contact us for further details.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 2500kg
Length of Forks: 900 or 1000 mm
Width over Forks: 450 mm
Lowered Fork Height: 75 mm
Raised Fork Height: 190 mm
Wheels: Nylon

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