Loft Ladders

We supply a wide range of loft ladders in fixed for maximum safety, spiral, folding and sliding where space is at a premium. Please contact us if you would like any more information on this exciting range of loft ladders available in wood and aluminium.

Loft Ladders model 1530-005

Aluminium loft ladders are generally harder wearing than timber loft ladders, but timber loft ladders are often chosen for aesthetic properties as well as being virtually silent in operation. We can also supply electrically operated loft ladders

The simple, clean lines of this refreshingly uncluttered Barcelona Spiral Staircases design, make it perfectly at home in smaller properties. The included landing can be used in square or round openings. The warm, beech finish and steel metalworking combine to give Barcelona a dramatic, modern profile that is further defined by its simple, clean styling. This attractive staircase works beautifully in a variety of settings and will add charm, character and value to contemporary homes.

Code 1750-010

Spiral Staircase 1750-010

Product Features

  • 140cm diameter spiral staircase
  • Varnished beech treads
  • Grey powder coated (RAL 9006)
  • Maximum floor to ceiling height: 2.912m
  • Rise 13 (Treads 12+1 landing)
  • 1-year warranty


The Eurofold from Laddaway is made of highest quality spruce, supplied with an insulated hatch door pre-finished in white. Designed to fit between UK standard 600mm joists and is a complete loft access solution including ladder, loft surround, insulated trapdoor and spring assisted stowage. Uses no further loft floor space – ladder stores within trap door. Wide and deep timber treads for comfort when climbing.

Code 1530-000

Eurofold loft ladder 1530-000

Product Features

  • Continuous seal around trap door reduces heat loss
  • White Insulated trapdoor
  • 12 Slip resistant treads
  • Large platform area with toe-boards
  • Locking mechanism and operating pole included
  • Maximum floor to ceiling height 2.85m
  • 1 year warranty
  • 150kg work load capacity
  • EN 14975
  • Optional Extras additional handrail and extension kit (Extends floor to ceiling height to 3.51m)


The Laddaway EnviroFold uses the highest quality timber from sustainable sources to bring you an ecologically friendly loft ladder that can help reduce both your carbon emissions and fuel bills. To aid installation the unit will fit snugly between standard UK 600mm joists. The EnviroFold loft ladder boasts many features including an insulated trap door with draft seals, double handrails for added safety and feet to protect and secure the ladder.

Code 1530-005

Wooden loft ladder 1530-005 

Product Features

  • Floor to floor up to 2.82m
  • 1.130 x 0.550m casing size
  • Extra tight air seal to standard EN12207
  • Manufactured from FSC certified spruce
  • 82mm robust deep serrated treads
  • Double handrail for extra security
  • 1-year warranty
  • 150kg work load capacity
  • EN14795
  • Optional Extras additional handrail and extension kit (Extends floor to ceiling height to 3.51m)


Laddaway Concertina Loft Ladders

Our concertina loft ladder is easy to pull down and climb. Fits tiny loft spaces that makes even the smallest loft spaces accessible. You can get more value from your home or office and use storage space that you might have looked over before. With a swing clearance of just 47cm, this concertina loft ladder will work on the narrowest of landings or hallways. The concertina is available with 9, 10 or 11 rungs and comes complete with installation instructions and fittings.

Code 1502-004

Concertina Loft Ladder 1502-006 

Product Features

  • Concertinas up into tiny footprint that sits on loft hatch
  • Fits the most compact loft spaces
  • 1-year warranty
  • 150kg work load capacity
  • 82mm robust deep serrated treads
  • Available in 9,10 and 11 treads for heights up to 3m


2 Section Deluxe Sliding Aluminium Loft Ladder Specifications

Available in 2 & 3 sections and designed for occasional use. Complete with trapdoor hinges to fix the ladder safely to your opening space or trapdoor. Safety handrail and ‘D’ shaped rungs make climbing up and down this ladder much safer, especially when you are carrying boxes.

Code 1500-006 and 1500-000

Aluminium loft ladder 1500-006 

Product Features

  • Friction guides provide smooth opening
  • Anti-slip ‘D’ rungs for comfort and security
  • Handrail for added safety
  • 1-year warranty
  • 150kg work load capacity
  • EN14975


The Madrid Space Saving Staircases are a cost-effective permanent straight flight option, as an alternative to a loft ladder. The pitch on this loft stair is 57 degrees - steeper than a normal staircase to allow fitting in a restricted space.

Code 1750-000

Madrid Wooden loft ladder fixed 1750-000 

Product Features




Straight flight




Max. 283,5 cm


27 mm


142 mm


515 mm




27 mm


142 mm


3340 mm


572 mm


545 mm




300 kg


Zarges Loftmaster ladder

loftmaster ladder

ZARGES Loftmaster

Available in two sizes (2.61m & 2.88m), the Loftmaster includes smooth anodised stiles, as well as rubber feet for protection of the floor.

Prices as follows:


  1. 101482 (size 2.61 metres)
  2. 101483 (size 2.88 metres)


*Bulk prices available on request.

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