Modular scaffold towers allow for each project to be individually catered for so that depending on the platform height required you can just use the minimum scaffolding required and easily add more sections as the work progresses. Available in 4 packs and can be installed quickly and transported easily.

Modular Scaffold Towers

The Trade Modular Scaffold Towers encapsulates speed, efficiency and versatility. The 25mm patented tubular aluminium frame is spun into the structure - Speedy provides a strong but light and portable single width option for the commercial user.

Product Features

  • Platform height: 1.93m
  • Base pack - overall height 1.93m
  • Quick & easy to erect
  • Tubular aluminium frame
  • 3T compliant
  • 3-year warranty
  • 200kg work load capacity
  • EN1004 
Product CodeWidthOpen DepthPlatform HeightWeight
3010-030 1.78m 0.78m 0.95m 26kg
3010-031 1.78m 0.78m 1.8m 9.5kg
3010-032 1.78m 0.78m 3.5m 29kg
3010-033 1.78m 0.78m 5.15m 20.5kg

Download or View the Speedy Tower Specification Sheets

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