The telescopic towers, called within the trade as the "Teletower" are the worlds first telescopic mobile scaffold tower with a maximum working height of 4 metres and able to fit into an estate car or small van whilst still conforming to EN1004.

compact telescopic lightweight tower

The World's First Telescopic Mobile Scaffold Tower

  • Telescopic mechanism allows seven different platform heights from 0.33 to 2.00 metres - Working heights from 2.30 to 4.00 metres.
  • Large folding aluminium work platform (1.4m x 0.7m) with climb through hatch.
  • Fully erected in under 3 minutes, saving down time & man hours.
  • Can be transported in a small van or estate car.
  • Single person Operation.Integral stabilising legs with 5 optional positions & lockable Castors.
  • Includes toe-boards as Standard and Integral telescopic hand & knee rails.
  • Conforms to EN1004.

teletower offloading small van

Telescopic towers with the ability to be operated by just one person and able to be transported in a small van or an estate car are very rare.  The Teletower is the first in the world and can be fully erected in under 3 minutes which is a lot faster than the regular scaffolding platforms.

Totally adjustable and offering seven (7) different working heights making this system the most flexible telescopic access platform anywhere.

Platform heights (Metres)

  1. 0.33
  2. 0.61
  3. 1.00
  4. 1.25
  5. 1.50
  6. 1.75
  7. 2.00

Teletower erected

With a comfortable platform size of 700 x 1400 mm there is plenty of space for a single person to work comfortably at height. The Platform load rating is 200 kg / m2.

compact telescopic lightweight tower

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