All terrain safety steps that can be folded without tools or tilted for travelling over uneven ground.Easy to fold and open mobile safety step with large platform fitted with toe boards and intermediate guardrails for safety.

all terrain mobile safety steps

Kick Steps with a capacity of 125 kg manufactured from steel with rubber grip pads. Designed to be kicked around an office to allow staff to reach tall cupboards and shelving.

Kick Steps

Aluminium mobile steps are easy to transport and can be folded down for easy and compact storage. Additional wheels help make these models of lightweight safety steps easy to move around tight spaces. Aluminium offers a long-term investment as it does not rust and is  suitable for inside and external conditions.

aluminium midi work platform

Commercial mobile steps ideal for use in offices and retail where a maximum working height can be extended to 2500 mm. Solid handles provide extra security for the operators.

Step Over Steps with handle

Budget light duty mobile safety steps manufactured from 19 mm tube instead of the 25 mm in our industrial ranges. Load capacity is 300 kg and these safety steps are designed for commercial use in retail and offices.

KL3 3 tread light duty mobile steps

Two types of sturdy and safe mobile steps.  Designed to offer years of service and all tested to comply with the rigorous GS European safety standards.


Double Sided Mobile Picking Steps that can be folded and wheeled away when not in use and can be supplied with 4 to 13 treads with a maximum height to the top platform of 3240 mm.


Mobile Truck Dock Steps access platforms are mainly used for loading / unloading vehicles and maintenance as the easy slope 48 degree angle makes it easier to carry tools and equipment up and down the steps. It also has a large 1200 mm long platform for plenty of work-space.

Truck dock steps with easy slope

Mobile Safety steps with all weather moulded treads for additional security and weight reactive castors that act as a brake as soon as the steps are used. Available in 2 to 5 steps.
easy glide mobile steps injected moulded treads

Narrow Aisle Mobile Safety Steps designed for narrow aisles in warehouses and picking areas where the steps have to manoeuvre in-between shelving and racking.  Spring loaded castors are fitted to provide the braking mechanism when someone steps onto the Narrow Aisle Mobile Safety Steps.

narrow aisle 3 tread safety steps

Mobile safety steps with a safer step angle so that staff can safely and easily carry items in both hands whilst traversing the steps.  Manufactured here in the UK the easy slope safety steps comply with British and European safety standards including a BSI kite mark..

Easy Rise Slope Safety Steps

Order picking trolleys help the quick movement of documents and products from the warehouse to the packaging station or administration department. The steps on the order picking trolleys allow versatility when some of the operators are not tall enough to safely reach items or where shelving is 1800mm and above.

order picking trolleys

Safety steps with six wheels making the steps easy to move around a busy warehouse or stores. The mobile steps come in two angles with the 54 degree angle ideal for persons carrying items up and down and unable to use there hands for stability.

Easy Steer Mobile Steps

Premier Mobile Safety Steps available in four colours with the clever "Step on feel safe" braking so you never have to remember to pull a handle or lever.

Manufactured to European Safety Standards this mobile kick step is available in four colours so that different departments can have there own kick step.
GS Approved Steel Kick Step

Stainless-steel mobile step units with close-fitting handrail round three sides of the platform. Weight capacity 125 kg and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Designed for food and pharmaceutical factories where hygiene requirements are stringent.

stainless steel mobile steps

Heavy Duty Mobile Steps with Front Access Bar for when the mobile steps are not braked. Manufactured in the UK and designed for heavy duty applications and to give the operators added confidence when working at heights. These models have a standard lead toime of 4 weeks as they are manufactured to order.

Heavy Duty Mobile Steps

Stainless steel safety steps offer the greatest corrosion resistance of any of our mobile safety steps, and they are very popular in the food and drug manufacturing industries where there high resistance to cleaning chemicals along with the natural neutrality of odour and taste properties makes stainless steel the only choice.

stainless steel safety steps with stabilisers

Industrial Duty Mobile Step Ladders for warehouses and factories for use in maintenance, allowing the safe picking of boxes and goods from racking and shelving as well as periodic maintenance on lighting and ventilation. Manufactured in the UK to the latest standards and legislation and available in 10 working days in a range of colours.

Industrial heavy duty safety steps

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