The Lightweight Aluminium Mobile Platform is a heavy-duty tower with a workload of 250kg, is portable and will fit through standard doorways and the captive folding brace mechanism minimise the components. The larger 2m working platform has an increased trapdoor opening for ease of use. Tough brace hook assemblies, incorporate double torsion stainless steel springs for durable and reliable use.

3010 centrefold scaffold tower

Lightweight and robust folding unit - ideal for one persons use. Simply unfold, fit the board, lock the castors and you are good to go.

mobile scaffolding platform folded and being put into a van

Mobile scaffolding platform


This is a lightweight and robust Pinnacle tower unit for use by one person on site - use where space is limited, or in place of a step ladder. Easy operation - simply unfold, lock into place, fit the board and the Centre fold tower is ready to go! The large wheels enable the Centre fold to be easily pushed into place.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty construction with optional platform heights
  • Fitted with lockable castors and non-slip platform boards
  • Passes easily through standard doorways
  • Large working platform 0.7m wide and 2.0m long
  • 5-year warranty
  • 250kg work load capacity
  • Frame Depths are all 700 mm
  • Stabiliser Width 3.4 m
  • Stabiliser Depth 2.6 m





Working Height (m)


Height (m)


Height (m)



Weight (kg)

3010-003 Base Pack 3.3 0.2 – 1.7* 1.9 43.0
3010-003A Guardrail 3.3 1.7 2.8 12.1
3010-003B Extension Pack 3.0m 4.6 3.0   54.7
3010-003C Extension Pack 3.6m 5.2 3.6 4.6 54.7
3010-003D Extension Pack 5.4m 7.0 5.4 6.4 91.8
3010-003E Adjustable Leg Pack (For use on uneven ground)       7.5
3010-003K Toe Board Kit (Necessary for use when there is a risk of objects falling from the platform)       6.5

3010 centrefold scaffold tower tall building