Lightweight Aluminium Mobile Platform

Lightweight and robust folding unit - ideal for one persons use. Simply unfold, fit the board, lock the castors and you are good to go.

mobile scaffolding platform folded and being put into a van

Mobile scaffolding platform


This is a lightweight and robust Pinnacle tower unit for use by one person on site - use where space is limited, or in place of a step ladder. Easy operation - simply unfold, lock into place, fit the board and the Centre fold tower is ready to go! The large wheels enable the Centre fold to be easily pushed into place.

Product Features

  • Platform height: 0.20-1.70m
  • Overall height: 1.80m
  • Six optional platform levels
  • Ideal for most trades
  • Complete with non-slip platform board
  • 4 lockable castors
  • 10-year warranty
  • 150kg work load capacity

Product Dimensions All 1.5 metres wide x 700mm Deep

  1. Model 3010-003 Closed Height 1800mm - Platform Height 200mm - Weight 32kg
  2. Model 3010-003A Closed Height 2800mm - Platform Height 1700mm - Weight 15kg (Added to the above base platform)