A wide choice of light weight aluminium safety steps with different widths and platform configurations.

Aluminium Folding Steps


Aluminium Folding Steps

ALI35Z aluminium folding safety steps with tool tray

Aluminium Folding Steps

Product Information

  • Lightweight.
  • Comply to EN131 Regulations.
  • Top tool tray.
  • Aluminium serrated treads, anti-slip rubber feet.
  • Ideal for use in a variety of workplaces.
  1. Model ALI33Z - 3 Treads, Height to top tread 700mm, Overall height when folded 1050mm, Weight 4.5kg
  2. Model ALI34Z - 4 Treads, Height to top tread 950mm, Overall height when folded 1300mm, Weight 5.5kg
  3. Model ALI35Z - 5 Treads, Height to top tread 1200mm, Overall height when folded 1550mm, Weight 47kg
  4. Model ALI36Z - 6 Treads, Height to top tread 1450mm, Overall height when folded 1800mm, Weight 8kg
  5. Model ALI37Z - 7 Treads, Height to top tread 1700mm, Overall height when folded 2050mm, Weight 9kg

Sturdy Aluminium Folding Steps Easy Incline

AFGS3Z easy slope aluminium steps

Product Information

  • Ideal for offices, storerooms, warehouses etc.
  • Robust design with an easy slop incline.
  • Large serrated aluminium treads and high handrail for increased safety.
  • Approved to European GS Standard.
  • Large tool tray on 3 & 4 tread models.
  • Tilt and Pull wheels for movement without lifting.
  • Only 120mm wide when folded
  • Distance between platform and top hand rail: 600mm.
  1. Model AFGS2Z - 2 treads/steps - Height to platform 440mm - Weight 6.5kg
  2. Model AFGS3Z - 3 treads/steps - Height to platform 660mm - Weight 9kg
  3. Model AFGS4Z - 4 treads/steps - Height to platform 880mm - Weight 11kg

Professional Aluminium Folding Steps with a handy work Tray and handrails

AFA06Z folding aluminium steps

Product Information

  • Ideal for professional and domestic use.
  • Large standing platform - 275mm x 400mm deep.
  • Twin handrails.
  • Handy work tray.
  • High support rail.
  • Comply to EN-131 Regulations.
  • Distance between platform and top hand rail: 750mm.
  1. Model AFA02Z - 2 Treads - Height to platform 350mm
  2. Model AFA03Z - 3 Treads - Height to platform 580mm
  3. Model AFA04Z - 4 Treads - Height to platform 800mm
  4. Model AFA05Z - 5 Treads - Height to platform 1020mm
  5. Model AFA06Z - 6 Treads - Height to platform 1250mm
  6. Model AFA07Z - 7 Treads - Height to platform 1470mm

British and European standards apply to most ladders and step ladders, so make sure you choose the right kind of access equipment for the job.
Class 3 (Domestic) BS2037
This Standard applies to products being used in and around the home; these products are designed for infrequent use.
Duty Rating 95Kg
Max permissible load 125Kg

Previous Class 2 (Trade) BSEN131
This is the European Standard, which covers the products being used in a trade environment; these products are designed for regular light trade work.
Max permissible load 150Kg

Class 1 (Industrial) BS2037
This Standard applies to products being used in an industrial environment; these are high quality products, designed for heavy and regular loading.
Duty Rating 130Kg
Max permissible load 175Kg

This European Standard applies to step stools.
The standard excludes ladders and stepladders as defined by EN 131-1:1993.
Maximum permissible load 150Kg

Loft Ladders - BSEN14975:2006
This is the latest standard for loft ladders.
150kg Max permissible load

Towers - BSEN1004:2004
Mobile access and working towers made of prefabricated materials.

The work at height regulations state that duty holders must ensure:
• all work at height is properly planned and organised;
• those involved in work at height are competent;
• the risks from work at height are assessed and appropriate work equipment is selected and used;
• the risks from fragile surfaces are properly controlled; and equipment for work at height is properly inspected and maintained.

There are many things the Work at Height Regulations state for working at height safely, some key points are:
• Always complete a risk assessment
• Follow the simple hierarchy for managing and selecting equipment for work at height
• Always take steps to eliminate any risk to the user and any other parties working close by
• Ensure those using the equipment are trained and competent to carry out work at height