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Merlin Industrial Products are part of a manufacturing group of companies based in Devon and have been supplying the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland for over 20 years, they can often provide special solutions for when there are no standard off the shelf products available.

For the large amount of American guests who visit our site please visit our American alternative Advanced Handling Services who can offer very similar ranges of industrial equipment that are manufactured and shipped in the USA.

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Plastic Supermarket Roll Cages

Plastic roll cages designed for industry with easy to clean surfaces and manufactured using an anti-microbial additive so the roll cages are naturally resistant to bugs. Also the plastic roll cages have no sharp edges and will not corrode.

plastic roll cages

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Personal Safety Equipment

Personal safety equipment and products that include high visibility vests, hard hats, and protection for the eyes, hands, ears and mouth. Specialist personal safety equipment consists of different gloves and masks for different risks along with a wide range of welding goggles.

personal safety equipment

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Secure Computer Workstations

Steel enclosures for computer equipment offer security and prevent unauthorised tampering.  The workstations below have been designed for the specific use of computers and offer good ventilation, pull out shelves for keyboards and accessories such as mobility options allowing you to unplug and take the computer to another location.

 laptop cupboard 16912350.11v

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IBC container covers and heaters

A range of heaters, jackets and covers all designed for the international ISO IBC container that is one of the most popular ways of moving and storing chemicals. The range below includes waterproof covers through to insulated jackets and heaters designed to maintain the viscosity of various substances.

ibc heaters and jackets

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Drum heaters and Insulation

Drum heaters are perfect for steel or plastic drums where you want to keep the contents at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity or just keeping the contents from freezing. The drum jackets and lids are available in a wide range of formats as shown below. Manufactured in Denmark and supplied in the UK by Merlin Industrial Products.

11 9862 drum insulation cover

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Unbreakable Coat hooks in three sizes for £1.08 Including VAT!!

Now with Minimum order quantity of 10 hooks per colour and 100 hooks in total.

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