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Merlin Industrial Products are part of a manufacturing group of companies based in Devon and have been supplying the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland for over 20 years, they can often provide special solutions for when there are no standard off the shelf products available.

For the large amount of American guests who visit our site please visit our American alternative Advanced Handling Services who can offer very similar ranges of industrial equipment that is manufactured and shipped in the USA.


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Latest News and Updates

SpillShak Plastic Storage Unit

The SpillShak Plastic Storage Unit is an industrial plastic all weather drum storage container with a roller shutter door for ease of access and also has a built in storage area for first aid kits and documents. As well as drums the bunded floor store can be used for any liquids that you do not want to leak into the environment. Designed to accommodate either 2 or 4 standard Steel or Plastic drums.

spillshak 4drum plastic shelters

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Glassfibre - GRP and Plastic Ladders

We have a wide range of glassfibre - grp and plastic Ladders that are designed to offer safe working access around electrical equipment and these high voltage ladders are all compliant with the latest health & safety and European standards.

plastic ladders red electrical work

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Mobile Work Platforms

Mobile work platforms are ideal for factories or any space where a sturdy platform is required to work safely on various equipment. As well as the single sided entry access platforms SSEAP's we also have the all round access platforms with chains on three sides with options to have a chain on all four sides. With platform steps from 2 tread to 8 tread we can accommodate a large range of working heights.

single sided easy access 2 tread work platform

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Cutting Stations

A mobile or fixed cutting station and store. Designed to accommodate chop saws reducing noise and dust whilst offering a complete industrial storage solution that can be mobilised around a customer's or workplace environment. The saw can be stored and locked in the compartment below. Normal delivery in just 3 working days. We also have mobile fitting stores for increased security and storage. 

ss7 mobile cutting station 

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Stacking Recycling Bin

The New "EnviroStack", small footprint recycling bin that can accommodate a group collection of multiple waste streams and is ideal for the office as it takes up less room than any other recycling option for the same volume. Colour coded for different office wastes and easily accessible.

envirostack 52 litre internal recycling bins

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Unbreakable Coat hooks in three sizes for £1.08 Including VAT!!

Now with Minimum order quantity of 10 hooks per colour and 100 hooks in total.

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