Merlin Industrial Products Ltd are part of the Meddings Thermalec group of manufacturing companies that are all based in Devon at the southernmost point of Dartmoor. Within the group, they manufacture machine tools and offer fabrication and precision engineering services. The group date back exceeding 75 years whilst Merlin is only 25 years old.

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The latest news changes daily, as we update product information and prices along with adding new products and equipment, as well as removing products that are no longer available. If you like to know what is happening in the UK regards to industrial products it may be worth bookmarking this page.


Account application for Merlin Industrial Products Ltd. Please note that trade accounts are standard for public schools and any educational establishments as are hospitals and other public services such as the Fire and Police services. Councils and government bodies also have automatic trade accounts.

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Leasing Furniture and Equipment as a possible finance option.

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CPV codification consists of a main vocabulary which defines the subject of the contract, and a supplementary vocabulary to add further qualitative information. The main vocabulary is based on a tree structure made up with codes of up to 9 digits (an 8 digit code plus a check digit). This combination of digits is associated with a wording that describes the type of supplies, works or services defining the subject of the contract. A Call for Tender is quite often described by more than one CPV Code, aiming to give a better and more detailed description of the object of the contract. Commercial organisations promoting public contracts to their members or readers generally use CPV codes to identify business sectors likely to be interested in specific tenders, along with NUTS Codes which indicate the country and region within which the contract is to be performed.


Please note that this is not a complete list of the products that we supply so please contact us if you cannot find what you need.

Sorted in numerical order

30131000-6  -  Mailroom equipment.

30193300-1  -  Hanging organisers.

30195100-3  -  Planning boards or accessories.

30195800-0  -  Hanging rails or holders.

30195900-1  -  Whiteboards and magnetic boards.

30195911-1  -  Whiteboard accessories.

30195912-8  -  Whiteboard easels.

30195913-5  -  Flipchart easels.

30195920-7  -  Magnetic boards.

30237260-9  -  Monitor wall mount arms.

32321200-1  -  Audio-visual equipment.

34911100-7  -  Trolleys.

34912000-3  -  Baggage carts.

34928000-8  -  Road furniture.

34928100-9  -  Crash barriers.

34928110-2  -  Road barriers.

34928300-1  -  Safety barriers.

34928450-7  -  Bollards.

34928460-0  -  Road cones.

34928470-3  -  Signage.

34928471-0  -  Sign materials.

34928472-7  -  Sign posts.

34928480-6  -  Waste and rubbish containers and bins.

34992200-9  -  Road signs.

34992300-0  -  Street signs.

35111300-8  -  Fire extinguishers.

38653400-1  -  Projection screens.

39000000-2  -  Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products.

39100000-3  -  Furniture.

39110000-6  -  Seats, chairs and related products, and associated parts.

39111000-3  -  Seats.

39111100-4  -  Swivel seats.

39112000-0  -  Chairs.

39113500-2  -  Stools.

39121000-6  -  Desks and tables.

39121100-7  -  Desks.

39121200-8  -  Tables.

39122100-4  -  Cupboards.

39122200-5  -  Bookcases.

39130000-2  -  Office furniture.

39131000-9  -  Office shelving.

39131100-0  -  Archive shelving.

39132000-6  -  Filing systems.

39132100-7  -  Filing cabinets.

39132200-8  -  Card-index cabinets.

39132300-9  -  Hanging files.

39132400-0  -  Carousel systems.

39132500-1  -  Office trolleys.

39133000-3  -  Display units.

39134000-0  -  Computer furniture.

39134100-1  -  Computer tables.

39135000-7  -  Sorting tables.

39141300-5  -  Cabinets.

39151100-6  -  Racking.

39151200-7  -  Work benches.

39151300-8  -  Modular furniture.

39152000-2  -  Mobile bookshelves.

39153000-9  -  Conference-room furniture.

39154000-6  -  Exhibition equipment.

39154100-7  -  Exhibition stands.

39155000-3  -  Library furniture.

39155100-4  -  Library equipment.

39156000-0  -  Lounge and reception-area furniture.

39160000-1  -  School furniture.

39170000-4  -  Shop furniture.

39174000-2  -  Shop signs.

39180000-7  -  Laboratory furniture.

39224340-3  -  Bins.

39260000-2  -  Delivery trays and desk equipment.

42416120-2  -  Goods lifts.

42416130-5  -  Mechanical lifts.

42418500-4  -  Mechanical handling equipment.

42418900-8  -  Loading or handling machinery.

42418910-1  -  Loading equipment.

42418920-4  -  Unloading equipment.

42600000-2  -  Machine tools.

42623000-9  -  Milling machines.

42630000-1  -  Metal-working machine tools.

42637000-0  -  Machine tools for drilling, boring or milling metal.

42637100-1  -  Machine tools for drilling metal.

42650000-7  -  Pneumatic or motorised hand tools.

42651000-4  -  Pneumatic hand tools.

42923000-2  -  Weighing machinery and scales.

42923100-3  -  Weighing machinery.

42923110-6  -  Balances.

42923200-4  -  Scales.

42923210-7  -  Shop scales.

42923220-0  -  Scales for continuous weighing of goods.

42923230-3  -  Checkweigher scales.

43800000-1  -  Workshop equipment.

44112100-9  -  Shelters.

44421000-7  -  Armoured or reinforced safes, strongboxes and doors.

44421300-0  -  Safes.

44421500-2  -  Armoured or reinforced doors.

44421600-3  -  Safe-deposit lockers.

44421700-4  -  Boxes and lockers.

44421710-7  -  Left-luggage lockers.

44421720-0  -  Lockers.

44421721-7  -  Safe-deposit boxes.

44421722-4  -  Safety cases.

44423220-9  -  Folding steps.

44423230-2  -  Step stools.

44423300-4  -  Goods-handling equipment.

44423330-3  -  Platforms for handling goods.

44423400-5  -  Signs and related items.

44423750-3  -  Drain covers.

44480000-8  -  Miscellaneous fire-protection equipment.

44481000-5  -  Platforms ladders.

44512930-0  -  Tool carriers.

44512940-3  -  Tool kits.

44613700-7  -  Refuse skips.

44617300-1  -  Prefabricated boxes.

44613600-6  -  Wheeled containers.

45216129-4  -  Protective shelters.

55500000-5  -  Canteen and catering services.

55510000-8  -  Canteen services.

55511000-5  -  Canteen and other restricted-clientele cafeteria services.




Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the most popular questions we are asked.  If you have a question you feel may be helpful to other users of this site then please use the contact form and we will add to the list below;

Question 1

Why are there not many prices?

Answer 1

The reason we do not show a lot of prices is that we offer Very competitive prices and with over 1000 pages and growing any prices could quickly become out of date and the prices would be misleading. We do, where possible link to items that are on our on-line shops such as the unbreakable coat hooks and safety clothing.

Question 2

Where are you based?

Answer 2

We are based in Ivybridge, South Devon and our full details can be seen here.

Question 3

Why is the site so large?

Answer 3

Since 1994 we have been supplying storage and handling equipment followed shortly afterwards with office furniture.  As the years have passed many manufacturers have contacted us and asked to be added to our portfolio.  We try to only add differing products so that there is no repetition for example there are currently 108 pages of Trolleys due to the many different styles.

Question 4

Can I get a Catalogue?

Answer 4

We could not possibly provide a catalogue covering the whole site though we do have catalogues on various parts such as Office Furniture, Safety Equipment, Signs, Workbenches.  The advantage of this site is it's breadth of products and we are looking at electronic catalogues for the future.

Question 5

What is MFC

Answer 5

MFC - Melamine Faced Chipboard mainly used in budget office furniture.  Other options are MDF which is a much higher density and this can also be covered with Melamine or Veneer to produce heavy executive looking furniture.

Leasing Arrangements

How do we go about arranging finance ?
You can complete the form on this site or call 0845 124 9955 or download our PDF page

How long does the approval process take?
This can vary depending on the size of the facility and complexity of the structure however, most agreements can be approved within 48 hours.

When does the finance agreement start?
For the majority of transactions your chosen supplier(s) are paid directly on delivery of the solution and your agreement is then activated.

Who is responsible for insurance?
It is your responsibility to insure the equipment for its use and for injury or damage to third parties.

What about adding more equipment at a later date?
You can add to your agreement at any time if you need to acquire additional equipment. By extending the term of your agreement, it can be possible to add more equipment and maintain the same rental payment. This flexibility can greatly assist in your cash flow management.

Can I include design and fit out costs within the facility?
Yes. We can provide 100% finance for your total solution.

What if we relocate, can we move the furniture?
Usually yes, if this is within the UK . However, you must always notify us of any move in advance, so we can confirm our approval in writing and amend our records accordingly.

What happens if there are problems with the equipment that is financed?
All warranties from the supplier are passed to you, and you should take up any issues relating to the supply of equipment directly with the supplier. We will assist where we can, but the onus is on the supplier to maintain the product.

Can we settle our finance agreement early if need be?
Yes. You may request a settlement figure at any time, simply call our customer services team with your agreement number.

What is the minimum value that you will finance?
In normal circumstances, the minimum value we can finance is £5,000. There is no maximum.

Does the entire solution have to come from one supplier?
No, you can include several suppliers within the same facility.

Contact Us
Please contact us if you have any questions such as price or lead times. Merlin Industrial Products Ltd Unit A43 Kingsley Close, Lee Mill Industrial Estate Ivybridge Devon PL21 9LL United Kingdom Call: 01752 690622 Fax: 01752 313333
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