Antimicrobial Door handles

The world's first range of commercial door handles clinically proven to kill Feline calicivirus, Strain F-9, ATCC VR-782 (U.S. EPA-Approved Human Norovirus Surrogate) and MRSA, E. Coli, C.Difficile, Salmonella and Fungal. Manufactured in one piece injection moulded polymer, these handles are built to withstand heavy usage on a daily basis. Antibacterial ‘to the core’ – any scratches and damages to the handles do not compromise their inherent bacteria destroying capabilities.

healthcare handles and door puch plates

Patent Protected. All test results and kill times available on request.

Products highly recommended for use in Hospitals, Schools and all Public Buildings. Conforms with all EU Biocidial and building regulations. Products are face fixed and supplied with anti-microbial screw caps.

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The Handles and touch plates are made from non-porous, ultra-durable, polypropylene which is quick and easy to wipe clean.
Their solid one piece construction eliminates hard to clean internal cavities and tight crevasses, which collect dirt and harbour bacteria.

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The antimicrobial silver additive runs throughout the handle or door plate.
They are certified to kill >99.9% of bacteria on contact, including MRSA and E.Coli, and also prevent fungus from growing on its surface.
Creates an antimicrobial barrier on a common touch point, our products break the chain of infection, helping to reduce the transmission and spread of HCAIs.
Their easy clean design also reduces cleaning times and difficulties. They also incorporate a range of beneficial ergonomic features. Our products have no parts to maintain providing long term maintenance benefits with a 10 year guarantee.


antibacterial door handles and plates

Features and Benefits

  • The Only Door Handles in the World to Kill Norovirus
  • Kills MRSA and e.Coli
  • Antimicrobial to the Core
  • Easy Installation
  • 60 Minute Fire Rated
  • Non-porous - dirt can't be embed
  • Wipe clean - no dirt traps, no corners
  • Efficient - reduced cleaning times

Blue antibacterial door handle

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 Prices £ 2018

Excl. VAT


 Stericore 450mm x 75mm Finger Plate

 £ 19.50


 Stericore 450mm x 100mm Finger Plate

 £ 19.50


 Stericore 450mm x 75mm Pull Bar

 £ 39.50


 Stericore 450mm x 100mm Pull Bar

 £ 39.50


 Stericore Lever Handles (Pair)

60 Minute Fire Rated - Unsprung

 £ 58.00


Please note:

Stericore finger plates and pull bars are retail boxed with 1 x Pull Bar and 1 x Finger Plate of equal sizes.

Prices exclude VAT and Quantity and NHS Discounts are available

Lever handles are boxed per pair and include all fixings