The aluminium sprung loaded trolleys or SLT's are a responsive handling solution for loading and unloading items from one area to another without the operator needing to do repetitive bending over and risking lower back problems. Diamond pattern castors make manoeuvring easier.

spring loaded trolley in aluminium

Spring Loaded Trolleys

40644 spring loaded trolley


  • No more bending over: the trolley with self-levelling base is ideal for use in libraries, laundries or in restaurants.
  • Sturdy, generously dimensioned edge and base profile sections, high-strength positive locking ensures permanent bonding to jacket and base metal.
  • Anodised, edge profile reinforced with abrasion-resistant plastic padding.
  • Trolley with vertically movable base which keeps the load at constant height for easy access.
  • Depending on the type of trolley, the load capability can be varied from 30 to 195 kg in increments of 15 kg by means of replaceable lifting elements.
  • The movable base does not tilt, even when loaded on only one side.
  • Chassis: 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors, Ø 125 mm, 40 mm wide; smooth-running, non-marking rubber wheels with roller bearings and thread guards.
  • Castors arranged centrally for easy manoeuvring, even in the most confined spaces.
  • Corner-mounted running gear available on request.

Models and Specifications

Product Code 40644
Volume 315 litres
Int. height 485 mm
Ext. height 820 mm
Ext. length 1060 mm
Arranged for load 90 kg
Weight 24,5 kg
Ext. width 710 mm
Int. length 1000 mm
Int. width 650 mm

Product Code 40645
Volume 195 litres
Int. height 460 mm
Ext. height 800 mm
Ext. length 1060 mm
Arranged for load 30 kg
Weight 21 kg
Ext. width 470 mm
Int. length 1010 mm
Int. width 420 mm

Product Code 40646
Volume 280 litres
Int. height 460 mm
Ext. height 800 mm
Ext. length 1060 mm
Arranged for load 45 kg
Weight 25 kg
Ext. width 650 mm
Int. length 1010 mm
Int. width 600 mm

Product Code 40756
Volume 570 litres
Int. height 580 mm
Ext. height 920 mm
Ext. length 1460 mm
Arranged for load 150 kg
Weight 31,5 kg
Ext. width 750 mm
Int. length 1410 mm
Int. width 700 mm