Contamination Tack Mats

Tack contamination mats control any loose debris brought through an area via footwear or wheels and simply offer a tacky or sticky surface that grabs any contaminants / dust / germs before they get into a controlled area such as a cleanroom or laboratory.

sticky white mats for contamination

Model FSTEP30

Pack of 4 Pads each with 30 disposable sheets

A very economical solution to contamination control. The surface adhesive captures dirt and dust particles from shoes or trolley wheels. The adhesive backed pads stick directly to floor surface. Each pad has 30 disposable layers.
Size 0.46 metres x 1.17 metres.

Standard colour is white.

Other models are available in Grey and Blue (Food Industry)

Model FSTEP80

Pack of 8 Pads each with 30 disposable sheets as above and specifications below.

Specification for Contamination Control Mat
Part Reference -FSTEP30

  •  An economical solution to contamination control
  •  Manufactured from anti- microbial agent.
  •  Protects against the growth of organisms such as bacteria, mould and mildew.
  •  Adhesive coated surface captures dirt and dust particles.
  •  Traps dirt from wheels and pedestrian foot traffic.
  •  Disposable layer- peel off soiled sheets to reveal layer.
  •  Adhesive backed pads stick directly to floor surface.
  •  Approved for direct food contact.
    Material: Peel of film sheets – Produced from a proprietary blend of polyolefin resins. Each pad
    contains 30 layers of film, yet has a profile less than 3mm.
    Pull tabs- manufactured from polyester film and numbered consecutively ensuring removal of one
    layer at a time.
    Adhesive – Acrylic contacting a nontoxic antimicrobial additive that provides protection against the
    growth of organisms including bacteria, mould and mildew.
    Approved by the US FDA for food direct contact (21 CFR 175.105)
    Surface finish – Smooth
    Product Height – 10mm nominal
    Operating temperature – 0 - 60 ◦ C
    Environmental Resistance – Dry, indoor environments.
    Typical Applications: Many industrial applications including entrances to clean room environments,
    entrances to offices from shop floors, food applications and hospitals.
    Installation method –Supplied with self-adhesive backing that adheres to most floor surfaces.

Download or View the Full Contamination Mat specifications here.