Anti-Fatigue Flooring

Anti-Fatigue Flooring helps prevent tiredness when standing on hard concrete floors for long periods of time. Hard floors are one of the most common causes of physical fatigue. We have a diverse range of anti-fatigue matting suitable for a variety of establishments.

Fatigue From Standing

Prolonged standing puts pressure on the feet, leg muscles, spine, neck and shoulders, and can lead to chronic pain, injury and muscular disorders. Back pain is a huge concern for employers and extremely distressing for sufferers.

Veins are also subjected to increased pressure when standing. Blood circulation becomes restricted. Pain and swelling of the joints can be experienced.

Regular standing in static positions for long periods can damage the veins and lead to painful irreversible conditions such as Varicose Veins.

Anti-fatigue matting encourages frequent foot movement as users move their feet more regularly to adapt to the underfoot cushioning. This assists healthy blood circulation.

Matting insulates the feet protecting against cold, concrete floors.

Pain is debilitating and uses more energy.

As fatigue sets in, concentration and productivity can be reduced. The risk of accidents in the workplace becomes increased.

Independent tests resulted in operators experiencing 50% more discomfort when standing on a concrete floor without an anti-fatigue mat.

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ESD anti-fatigue matting leaflet