Catering Flooring

Catering Flooring and matting specifically designed for the hazards around the kitchen and bar areas. Offering anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties the flooring below has properties ideal for kitchens and bars.  For the latest information and contact 01752 690622 or visit the online shop below.



  • Ideal non-slip liner for benches and drawers
  • Cushions and protects components
  • Easy to cut and trim to shape
  • Machine washable

Technical Specifications:

  • Manufactured from foam PVC
  • Product height: 4mm
  • Colour Black
  • Size 0.6m x 1.2m -  0.6m x 1.2m (Pack of 3) -  0.6m x 10m Roll

Fingettip Bar Mat

Fingertip Bar Mats
  • Flexible rubber bar mat
  • Studs provide drainage of spilt liquids
  • Prevents glass slippage
  • Raised edge allows spilt liquid to be contained within the mat
Colour: Black
Size: 600mm x 80mm

Coba Deluxe

Coba DeluxeMatting
  • Extremely comfortable and reduces glass breakage
  • Ideal for bar ‘flaring’ and also glass wash locations
  • Open holes effectively drain the spilt liquid through the mat
  • Reduces the risk of slipping in wet or sticky conditions
  • Superior thickness reduces fatigue from prolonged standing
  • Installed and cleaned with ease
  • Connectors available to link mats for larger areas

Technical Specifications:

  • Manufactured from natural rubber
Coba Deluxe Accessories (optional)
Black Edge
1074 x 50mm:
Yellow Edge
1074 x 50mm:
Black Edge
1565 x 50mm:
Yellow Edge
1565 x 50mm:


  • Hygienic anti-microbial properties inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Excellent resistance to grease, oils, fats and detergents
  • Raised textured ‘cross-grip’ surface for slip-resistance
  • Open holes allow spilt liquids to drain through the mat
  • Relieves fatigue from prolonged standing
  • Reduces glass and crockery breakage
  • Ideal for kitchens, bars and dishwasher location
  • Can be cleaned in a commercial washing machine
  • Safety bevelled edges all around

Technical Specifications:

  • Hygienic anti-microbial mat manufactured from 100% nitrile
Colour: Black
Size: 0.85m x 1.4m


High-Duty Rubber Mats
  • Interlocking matting modules for use behind bar/kitchen areas
  • Raised circular surface for slip-resistance in wet conditions
  • Spilt liquids drain through open holes
  • Comfortable - reduces fatigue from prolonged standing
  • Reduces breakage of glassware
  • Mat size 900 x 1500mm
  • Easy to clean - pass through a commercial dishwasher or pressure wash
  • Edge options - edged all round -  edged two long & one short -  edged two long sides -  edged two short & one long -  edged two short sides

Technical Specifications:

  • Made from a combination of natural SBR rubber and nitrile
  • Sections can be interlocked to provide coverage of any length in widths of 0.9m and 1.5m
  • Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10

Worksafe Blue

Worksafe Blue Mats
  • Hard-wearing SBR rubber/ nitrile grease-proof mat
  • Ideal for areas in contact with animal oils, fat and grease
  • Relieves fatigue and reduces slipping in wet environments
  • Moulded bevelled edge for additional safety
  • Unique underside design holds the mat firmly in position
  • Open holes capture dirt and debris leaving a safe surface
Colour: Blue
Size: 0.9m x 1.5m

Fatigue Step

Fatigue-Step Matting
  • Interlocking ‘drainable’ rubber tiles
  • Soft, yet resilient material provides high levels of comfort
  • Excellent drainage properties – liquids disperse through holes
  • Modules interlock to fit any size area
  • Single units can be cleaned or replaced with ease
  • Optional extras: corner units and bevelled edging in black or yellow. Connectors in black.
Technical Specifications:
  • Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10
  • Safety Tested for Critical Fall height of 1m
Colour: Black
Size: 0.9m x 0.9m

Fatigue Step Grease-Proof

Fatigue-Step Grease-Proof Mats
  • Interlocking rubber tiles for food industry environments
  • Will not deteriorate from the effects of fats and oils
  • Provides a very comfortable and safe standing surface
  • Effectively reduces fatigue from standing
  • Open holes allow drainage of spilt liquids
  • Reduces slipping in wet, greasy or oily conditions
  • Individual modules can be cleaned and replaced with ease
  • Links together to fit any floor size
  • Optional extras: corner units, bevelled edges and connectors (terracotta only)
Colour: Blue Terracotta
Size: 0.9m x 0.9m


  • Excellent resistance to cooking oils, chemicals and grease
  • Ideal for use in kitchens and food preparation/processing areas
  • Machine washable in sizes: 0.85m x 0.75m and 0.85m x 1.4m
  • Provides excellent slip-resistance in wet/greasy environments
  • Supplied with safety bevelled edges

Technical Specifications:

  • Made from 100% nitrile


Griptrue Matting

  • Manufactured from a hard-wearing grease-proof rubber compound
  • Excellent slip-resistance in wet and greasy environments
  • Attractive raised patterned surface provides additional grip
  • Small drainage holes allow water, grease and oil to disperse
  • Underside ‘nubs’ hold the mat firmly in position, even in greasy locations
  • Easy to clean in a commercial dishwasher
  • Sizes 900mm x 1200mm and 900mm x 2400mm

Technical Specifications:

  • Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10




Hygimat Matting
  • Manufactured from low toxic vinyl for the food industry
  • Cross-ribbed interwoven surface reduces slipping in wet conditions
  • Two options – standard (22mm x 22mm hole size or heavy-duty 22mm x 10mm hole size)
  • Standard option with the larger hole size allows debris to fall through the mat
  • Heavy-duty option ideal for more demanding environments
  • Resistant to oils and fats
  • Designed to reduce fatigue from standing
  • Optional extra: bevelled safety edging (factory-fitted)


  • The only ‘drainable’ rubber runner available
  • Provides effective slip-resistance in wet conditions
  • Suitable for use behind bar areas
  • Hard-wearing and fully reversible for long lasting wear
  • Easy to roll up and move to a new location
  • Can be cleaned with ease – hose down or pressure wash
  • Size s 900 x 5000mm and 900 x 10,000mm
  • Colour Black


Flexi-Deck Mats
  • Flexible PVC tile suitable for use on bar shelves
  • Holes allow drainage of water and ensure effective air circulation
  • Can be interlinked to cover any shelf area
  • Does not support the growth of bacteria
  • Can be easily cleaned in a commercial dishwasher
  • Provides protection for shelving and glassware
  • Colours Black, Grey, Blue, Red and Green
  • Tile size 300 x 300mm (1 Pack Covers 0.9m2) 9 tiles