Manufactured in Germany these analytical balances offer superb quality and very accurate results. Please contact us with the specifications you require and we will offer an analytical balance to suit your requirements.

ALS/ALJ Analytical Balance

Mobile pallet scales offer fast, precise mobile weighing, along with many other features suited for industrial environments. Ideal for measuring oversized items, the AELP pallet beams are supplied with rugged built-in wheels and handles, making them easy to move.

AELP1000 gk r pallet scales

Baby scales – approved as a medical device and with EC type approval class III for professional use in medical diagnostics available for baby's and toddlers. Manufactured in Germany with over 170 years of experience in measuring apparatus.

baby medical measurement

Platform scales designed with features for demanding, heavy-duty weighing in factories, shipping and receiving departments, warehouses, and loading docks. They are ideal for weighing large boxes, shipping crates, pallets, heavy luggage and other oversized items. Fabricated of durable steel, the platform scales feature a diamond-textured surface to provide stability and traction.

platform scales

The new Catering Catalogue is now available to view or download from the link below. It includes this years new products to extend the existing range of the Adam Catering scales.

catering scales catalogue

Precision Scales for accurate weight measurements down to 0.001g with memory store capability so deviations from the stored measurements can be recognised.

Precision balances

Latest electronic counting scales for establishing how many items you have once you have accurately measured one of them. Make stocktaking a lot easier especially for small parts where you can have many thousands.

counting scales

Educational or School scales are used in laboratories and class rooms where substances require accurate weight measurement.  Fitted with digital readouts these scales can measure up to 5.2kg.

EMB School Balance

Electronic Bench Scales for uncomplicated measurement for the office, warehouse, school and hospital. Precision measuring devices manufactured by Kern in Germany and supplied in the UK by Merlin Industrial Products.

kern electronic bench scales

The sliding weight balances have been around for a very long time and are still a useful way of finding the exact weight of a product or products.  The new sliding weight balances have digital readouts and offer superb accuracy. 

150 Sliding Weight Balance

Industrial Floor Scales

BOBP Floor scale for High quality for high demand

BOBP Floor scale

Wheelchair platform scale with two integrated access ramps for easy access – with EC type approval class III and approval for professional medical use in medical diagnostics, manufactured in Germany.

wheelchair scales

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