Platform scales manufactured from mild steel, light duty bench platforms to heavy duty, stainless steel, drive-through versions and overhead rails the Salter Brecknell range includes high quality, competitively-priced platform scales to suit every application. If you can't find one to meet your needs, our design team will produce a machine specifically for you!
Platform Scales

Our A series, 6000TP, 6000SP and 6000SS platforms can all be trade stamped in the factory prior to despatch - simply select an appropriate indicator and we will do the rest. WB6200, AB6200 and UF6200 are all non-trade and supplied calibrated to a version of the SBI 710.

A Series bench platforms - mild steel

Mild steel low profile bench platform with single loadcell design.

Black power coated base with mild steel top pan (A280 & A400) or stainless steel top pan (A600 & A700). Can be connected to a wide variety of Salter Brecknell indicators.

A280 (with mild steel top pan)

280mm x 300mm x 85mm
6kg x 2g
6kg x 1g (6000d)
15kg x 5g


A Series bench platforms - mild steel

A400 (with mild steel top pan)

400mm x 300mm x 95mm
15kg x 5g
30kg x 10g
30kg x 5g (6000d)
60kg x 20g
60kg x 10g (6000d)

 A600 (with stainless top pan)

600mm x 400mm x 95mm
60kg x 20g
60kg x 10g (6000d)
150kg x 50g

 A700 (with stainless top pan)

700mm x 600mm x 150mm
150kg x 50g
300kg x 100g
300kg x 50g (6000d)
Stainless steel top pan - A280, A400
2 range AVR loadcells (DOT) - available on all sizes
ATEX IS loadcells - available on all sizes but not on 6000d
Indicator stands

A Series bench platforms - stainless steel

Stainless steel low profile bench platform with waterproof load cell.

Single. hard anodised loadcell design. Can be connected to a wide variety of Salter Brecknell indicators.

 A Series bench platforms - stainless steel

Strong, reliable and affordable, the 6000BP and TP mild steel platform scales, which are built in Birmingham, England are available as a trade (TP) or non trade (BP) versions. They are ideal for a wide range of industrial weighing applications such as goods receiving,
warehouse and despatch.

Rugged Construction– The platforms are fabricated throughout from 6 mm steel plate and with a 6 mm anti-slip checker plate. This ensures the 6000BP and TP have total protection from the rigorous of every day wear and tear, even when loading and unloading with
fork trucks, pallet trucks, and wheeled bins.

Strength and Reliability– Computer aided design using FEA analysis ensures these platforms withstand the day to day point loading expected from steel stillages and fully laden pallet truck wheel loading.

Finish– Hard wearing powder coated finish provides excellent protection to the floor scale when in constant use.

Loadcells– 6000TP is fitted with four Zemic IP67C3 nickel plated matched shear beam loadcells (R60 C3 OIML approved). 6000BP has four IP67 nickel plated matched shear beam loadcells. Loadcells have swivel feet to minimize side impacts.

 6000 BP/TP Low Cost Platform Scale

6000/SS stainless steel platform

General purpose, low profile stainless steel industrial platform with 4 stainless steel Flintec R60/ C3 OIML matched output shear beam loadcells.

Robust one-piece construction with a 4mm checker top plate. Type 304 stainless steel with special mark resistant finish – garnet blast then glass bead blasted. Open design facilitates easy cleaning.

Free standing or pit mounted with selection or ramp and pit frames.

Choice of cable terminations at no extra cost, please specify when ordering:

  • Bulgin 66538-209
  • 9 way D type 70785-725
  • Amphenol EDA1206
  • Stripped & tinned EDA1107

Light Duty (H84mm)

6000/SS stainless steel platform

6000/OHT overhead track scale

Stainless steel track scale, supplied with two nickel plated IP67 loadcells and weigh rail (fitting included as standard).

Capable of supporting standard types of rail such as twin flat, twin extruded aluminium, single flat and single round. Support brackets will also be required for Euro rail systems.

For non standard rail types, customer must supply skid bar or wheels along with a 300mm to 750mm long length of weigh rail. A sketch, together with a fully completed 6000/OHT questionnaire, must also accompany the order.

 6000/OHT overhead track scale

Over Beam System

  • 300mm to 600mm rail length
  • 300 to 600kg capacity

Under Beam System

  • Weighrail kits
  • 300mm single flat
  • 600mm single flat
  • Available in twin flats
  • 300 and 600mm 48mm dia round
  • 300 and 600 mm trans-uni

WB6200 Beam Scales

Mild steel portable beam scale with stainless steel indicator.

Two robust, enclosed weigh beams with large adjustable feet. Supplied with 6 metres of loadcell cable. Each weigh beam has two 1100kg high precision nickle plated shear beam loadcells.

Dedicated stainless steel cased indicator with backlit display. 25mm high LCD digits for ease of reading indicator features internal, rechargable battery for total portability.

WB6200 Beam Scales


  • Beam Dimensions 1000mm x 100mm x 90mm
  • Capacity 2500kg x 0.5kg
  • Product code WB62000AAZAAAA


UF6200 Frame Pallet Scale with Indicator

UF6200 is a U frame weighing platform complete with an internal rechargeable battery powered indicator for total portability and is ideal for use in any application where a fixed location weighing machine may not be suitable.
Mild steel construction with a stainless steel indicator the UF6200 features a lifting handle at the rear and rollers at the front of each leg.
With a weighing capacity of 2500kg x 0.5kg the UF6200 is 1200mm x 1000mm overall (800mm between legs) and has a nominal height of only 65mm.
4 x 1,100kg nickle plated loadcells ensure that the UF6200 will withstand the harshest of applications.

UF6200 Frame Pallet Scale with Indicator

  • Frame dimensions 1200mm x 1000mm overall (800mm between legs)
  • Overall height 65mm
  • Capacity 2500kg x 0.5kg
  • Indicator features 25mm high, green display digits
  • Product code 816965002689

AB6200 agricultural scales

The AB6200 is a set of mild steel beam scales designed to be fitted under animal crushes.
Each beam is 1000mm long x 100mm wide and has a crush mounting plate 200mm x 200mm at each end to make installation simple.
Crush weights of up to 790kg will automatically be compensated for by the electronic programme in the indicator.
Supplied complete with a stainless steel internal rechargeble battery powered indicator with green LED digits to make sure the weight can be read even in dark conditions. The indicator features animal averaging software which allows the indicator to quickly grab the weight of an animal - even if it is moving and will give approximately 16 hours of weighing between charges.
Each beam has 2 x 1,1000kg nickle plated loadcells and large adjustable rubber feet for stability.

AB6200 agricultural scales

  • 2 weighbeams each 1000mm x 100mm with crush mounting plates
  • Capacity 2000kg x 0.5kg
  • Indicator features 25mm high, green displays digits
  • Animal averaging software for stable readings
  • Product code 816965002665



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