Recycling Carousel Bins

Recycle bins designed for public areas such as airports, ferry ports and anywhere where the separation of waste can help speed up collection and save on time sorting. The larger capacity of 120 litres means less time emptying and with three different tops the bins can be tailored for a wide range of recyclable waste.


(Click on image for a larger picture) The stand was a special build for an airport and is no longer available..

Recycle station carousel of bins

Manufactured from Powder coated "zintec steel" with optional galvanised liner (Zintec Steel is pre-coated zinc treated mild steel. The zinc content guards against rust).

Capacity of bin 120 litres 
Dimensions (diameter) 455mm x (height) 760mm


Choice of apertures: Funnel, bezel and paper slot and various signs and colours.

recycle bin top variants


Choice of colours for recycle bins


Triple recycle bin.

Triple recycle Bin Station

Triple recycle Bin Station

Self-closing, fire retardant metal bins with colour-coded "Polo" shaped tops to segregate waste prior to disposal.

Robust construction manufactured in heavy gauge Zintec    steel and powder coated.

Unique Bag tidy rings

Security Triangle lock

Tops supplied with any colour & new  WRAP recycling logos


Available with optional easy lift out  Galvanised metal liner.