Horizontal Drum Stores Comply with the control of pollution (Oil Storage) (England) regulations 2001

Horizontal Drum Stores

With the current economic climate many companies are ordering liquids in bulk to help safe money on transportation and to achieve lower costs.  A drum store can easily pay for itself in savings with bulk purchase of chemicals and offers a long term storage and decanting solution.

Product Information

  • Designed for storing drums in the horizontal position
  • Open topped sump with drain plug.
  • DH271Z / DH272Z models allow stacking up to 3 high.
  • Corrugated steel enclosed three sides.
  1. Models DH271Z - Holds 1 Drum - Sump capacity 231 litres
  2. Models DH272Z - Holds 2 Drums - Sump capacity 417 litres
  3. Models DH274Z - Holds 4 Drums - Sump capacity 490 litres
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