Drain Protection kits for spillage control

Ideal for companies hauling hazardous chemicals.  These kits allow the driver to quickly seal local drains so that none of the chemicals can leak into the local drainage systems.

Drain Protection Kit [E-DPK]

Drain Protection Kit [E-DPK]

  • Complete with necessary sign to indicate use, which complies with Signs & Signals Regulations & Pollution Prevention Guidelines
  • Thin chloroprene mat, chemical & oil resistant, moulds into road surface
  • Tub of leak blocking granules can provide either a quick sticky plug when activated with water or can be poured around the mat to block any holes
  • Model DPK Drain Protection Kit size 1000 x 1000mm
  • Model LBD01 Replacement Tub of Leak Block Granules , 1 litre

PVC Drain Covers

PVC Drain Cover
  • Seals drains to prevent spill from entering
  • Made of chemically resistant flexible PVC
  • Resists water, oil, and most aggressive liquids
  • Economical, easily cleaned with soap and water for reuse
  1. Model E-PDC18 460 x 460mm
  2. Model E-PDC24 610 x 610mm
  3. Model E-PDC36 910 x 910mm
  4. Model E-PDC42 1070 x 1070mm