Mobile Dispensing Dolly made from PE ­ 100% recyclable plastic with a capacity of 250 litres and designed to carry 210 litre steel drums.  The dispensing dolly or drum cart can be used by one person to load the dolly then tip for dispensing.  The dolly is available in Yellow and Black and with or without front swivel castors.

Mobile Dispensing Dolly


680mm High 815mm Wide and 1740mm Long

Weight 42 KG with a capacity of 300 KG


• Sump capacity 250 litres

• Ideal as a mobile dispensing unit and sump

• Easy to clean, liquid drains to the front

• Double walled construction for optimum strength and security against leaks

• Easy to handle due to well balanced design

• Rubber wheels as standard

• Barrel secured with ratchet strap

• Large ribbed dispensing area, ideal for containers to sit above minor spills

• Sturdy handles • Vertical spill containment of up to 3 litres

• Optional castors with rotation and swivel brake

• The safety support locks into place for easy vertical loading and storage

• 2-foot hole positions for comfortable pull down and handling.

Mobile Dispensing Dolly
Mobile Dispensing Dolly or Drum Cart
Mobile Dispensing Dolly or Drum Cart


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