The data shown are the result of laboratory tests and are intended to serve only as a guide. No performance warranty is intended or implied. The degree of chemical attack on any material is governed by the conditions under which it is exposed. Exposure time, temperature, and size of the area of exposure usually varies considerably in application, therefore, this table is given and accepted at the userʼs risk. Confirmation of the validity and suitability in specific cases should be obtained. 

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When considering XR-5 for specific applications, it is suggested that a sample be tested in actual service before specification. Where impractical, tests should be devised which simulate actual service conditions as closely as possible.

Rating Key:

  • A – Fluid has little or no effect.
  • B – Fluid has minor to moderate effect.
  • C – Fluid has severe effect.
  • T – No data – likely to be acceptable.
  • X – No data – not likely to be acceptable.
Exposure  Rating 
Acetic Acid (5%) 
Acetic Acid (50%) 
Ammonium Phosphate 
Ammonium Sulfate 
Antifreeze (ethylene glycol) 
Animal Oil 
Aqua Regia 
ASTM Fuel A (100% Iso-octane) 
ASTM Oil #2 (Flash pt. 240 C) 
ASTM Oil #3 
Calcium Chloride Solutions 
Calcium Hydroxide 
20% Chlorine Solution 
Conc. Ammonium Hydroxide 
Corn Oil 
Crude Oil 
Diesel Fuel 
Ethyl Acetate 
Ethyl Alcohol 
Fertilizer Solution 
#2 Fuel Oil 
#6 fuel Oil 
Hydraulic Fluid - Petroleum Based 
Hydraulic Fluid - Phosphate Ester Based 
Hydrocarbon Type II (40% Aromatic) 
Hydrochloric Acid (50%) 
Hydrofluoric Acid (5%) 
Hydrofluoric Acid (50%) 
Hydrofluosilicic Acid 
Isopropyl Alcohol 
Ivory Soap 
Jet A 
JP-4 Jet Fuel 
JP-5 Jet Fuel 
JP-8 Jet Fuel 
Magnesium Chloride 
Magnesium Hydroxide 
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 
Mineral Spirits 
Nitric Acid (5%) 
Nitric Acid (50%) 
Phenol Formaldehyde 
Phosphoric Acid (50%) 
Phosphoric Acid (100%) 
Phthalate Plasticizer 
Potassium Chloride 
Potassium Sulfate 
Raw Linseed Oil 
SAE-30 Oil 
Salt Water (25%) 
Sea Water 
Sodium Acetate Solutions 
Sodium Bisulfite Solution 
Sodium Hydroxide (60%) 
Sodium Phosphate 
Sulfuric Acid (50%) 
50% Tannic Acid 
Transformer Oil 
Urea Formaldehyde 
Vegetable Oil 
Water (200F) 
Zinc Chloride 

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