Drain and Flood protection devices that include pneumatic bags and automated flaps that can be controlled manually and wirelessly. Preventing illegal run-offs in time of spillages and fire, where large amounts of water are fed into the drainage system can these drain blockers cannot only save the environment but prevent huge fines.


The drain blocker or Telestopper is a new innovation that blocks a drain or pipe either to stop harmful liquids entering the drainage system or to stop the drainage system from entering the premises in events such as floods. The device quickly inflates a rubber bladder that blocks the drainage pipe and as the bladder is on the end of a pole you do not need to worry about getting your hands contaminated. The Telestopper is available for domestic and commercial use.

telestopper drain blocker for domestic use

Domestic Drain Blocker

commercial drainage blocker

Commercial Wall mounted Drain Blocker

Industrial Bladders range from 50 mm - 2" inches to 600 mm 24" inches whilst the domestic version bladders are from 50 mm - 2" inches to 400 mm 16" inches

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Flapstopper brochure for drain protection.

Using in-drain containment theory this dual-purpose drain closure device can help any site meet their legislative requirements.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the Flapstopper™ is more robust than older bladder style systems. The pollution containment valves can be tailored to bespoke drain measurements, from 100 mm up to ‘000’s of mm. The Flapstopper™ can be activated manually via a push button on the control panel, or remotely using worker operated call points, fire alarm detection equipment, or a range of condition detecting probes, for example, oil interceptor alarms allowing the end user to have total control over their system.


Wireless Call Point


The wireless call point has been designed to activate your Flapstopper™ from a remote location. Any number of call points can be used to operate a system from on site. Being the size of a general fire alarm button, this wireless call point can either be mounted in critical locations where incidents may occur, or can be carried with key members of staff around a site.

The freedom of having a portable unit means that your site will be protected wherever a spill may occur. Furthermore, it saves valuable time mitigating the need to find a spill kit and get it to a particular location, especially on larger sites.

The call point requires minimal training, and can be used however best you see fit – this is a product which is built to work with you, whatever your site specific needs are.


Wireless Acoustic Ear


The Acoustic Listening Ear is designed specifically to address the issues of fire on an industrial or commercial site. On detecting a prolonged fire alarm, the Acoustic Listening Ear will automatically trigger your Flapstopper™, The Acoustic Listening Ear is designed specifically to address the issues of fire on an industrial or commercial site. On detecting a prolonged fire alarm, the Acoustic Listening Ear will automatically trigger your Flapstopper™.


Flood Alarms

Flooding can arise from many sources including groundwater,storm water run-off, river rise, blocked drains and sewers (sewer flooding).  It affects millions of people per year and is a growing problem for both residential and commercial properties alike.

We can generate and distribute advanced warnings to communities and businesses, using technology which can be used as a stand-alone warning system, or which can be used to create a turn-key package, utilising flow control, closure, and sampling devices.

Flood gates, air-brick seals, and quick fix sand-bagging all take time to fit or close therefore there is little point in having a flood alarm on your front door step - it needs to be remote to give you time! A few additional tens of minutes warning can make all the difference when it comes to mitigating the effects.

We have developed a surface mounted flood alarm that is specifically intended as a retrofit that can be installed quickly, with no calibration on site and very minor installation works, on either a solid surface, gravel or ballast.


Blocked Sewer Detection

Nobody wants to be dealing with blocked, or overflowing foul drains. This is especially so if they cause an expensive stop in production, are in a public environment, or induce large fines. But truth be told, it happens more than we all like to think.

Our wireless blocked sewer detection system requires no cabling, or mains power at the probe location. This means that you can monitor remotely what is happening in even the furthest corners of your site.

This battery powered unity provides a 5-year lifespan, along with regular reporting, fault detection, and fail-safe procedures. Reporting back to our Utility Gateway Receiver, we offer volt-free contacts so you can link this system directly with your existing BMS, EMS or SCADA system.

We can link a large network of monitoring probes as many of our water Utility clients choose to do, so they can proactively prevent sewage disturbance by sending engineers to site to deal with the issue in hand. In addition to this, we can build smaller unique packages which may include email, or text alerting to individuals, or key members of staff.

We can offer our own software package providing stand-alone monitoring on your PC. This allows complete control over your system.

The effects of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO’s) where the outfall is into a public area or on a private beach can be proactively monitored and mitigated when using our blocked sewer detection system along with the Flapstopper TM technology.


Using valves to close off these outfalls can buy time for engineers to fix issues before causing an environmental hazard which would be liable for fines.

Very often spill and fire water costs will not be covered by standard environmental insurance, especially if there is any question that adequate containment and safety procedures were not adhered to. We therefore urge all readers to check their environmental liability insurance for spill and fire water run off cover and consult the Environment Agency for advice on appropriate containment.

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