Super absorbent cushions and socks are great for collecting machine tool cutting fluids and oils and because they expand when used they provide an easy indication that they need replacing.

Super absorbent cushions and socks

  • These super absorbent's products swell in size as the polymer fibre gel filling encapsulates the liquid to avoid leakage
  • Suitable for non-aggressive water-based liquids such as cutting fluids and oils
  • Ideal for use in factories around the bases of machines
  • E-AMS2 will absorb approx 6 litres water-based / 4 litres oil, E-AMS3 will absorb approx 12 litres water-based / 8 litres oil, E-AMC02 will absorb approx 4.5 litres water-based / 3 litres oil
  • All codes have a leak and spill centre option
  • Code E-AMS2 80 x 1200mm Maintenance Socks pack of 20
  • Code E-AMS3 80 x 3000mm Maintenance Socks pack of 8
  • Code E-AMC01 200 x 350 x 500mm Maintenance Cushions pack of 20
  • Code E-AMC02 300 x 350 x 500mm Maintenance Cushions pack of 20



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