Vertical Drum Stores 1 to 20 Drums for storing 200 litre drums in an upright position. With the current economic climate many companies are ordering liquids in bulk to help safe money on transportation and to achieve lower costs.  A drum store can easily pay for itself in savings and offers a long term storage solution. Steel sides are part of the drum store to not only make the drum store more robust but help prevent splashes of chemicals to three sides and the sump is designed to catch any spills and prevent the chemicals entering the drains and subsequently the environment.

DH916z vertical drum stores

Comply to control of pollution (Oil Storage) (England) regulations 2001

DH941Z vertical drum store with sump

  • Designed to hold from 1 to 4 drums in a vertical position.
  • Stackable up to 3 high.
  • Galvanised, removable grid floor.
  • All units supplied with retaining chain.

Model DH941Z - Drums stored 1 - Sump capacity 250 litres

Vertical Drum stores 8 to 20 Drums 

DH910z drum storage units 8 20 drums

Lead time is 3 to 4 weeks as manufactured to order and a forklift is required for off loading.

  • Ground Clearance: 150mm
  • Fork Centres: 760mm
  • Heavy duty Drum Storage units of fully welded construction
  • Safe storage for 8, 10, 16 or 20 standard 210 litre drums, either palletised or loose loaded
  • Heavy duty frame is rated at 3 tonnes distributed load over a 3 metre bay
  • The 8 and 10 drum units are single tier and the 16 and 20 drum units are double tier
  • Swaged and re-inforced robust sheet steel walls on 3 sides
  • The sump units can be removed for steam cleaning and have removable galvanised grid floor panels
  • Fork guides ensure safe and secure movement
  • Finish: Stove enamel Blue
  • N.B. A Forklift will be needed to unload these units
  • Comply to Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001
 Product Code Description
 DH908Z  Weight kg: 420
Size W x D x H mm: 3000 x 1275 x 1535
Sump Capacity L: 865
No of Drums Stored: 8
 DH910Z  Weight kg: 440
Size W x D x H mm: 3715 x 1275 x 1535
Sump Capacity L: 1112
No of Drums Stored: 10
 DH916Z  Weight kg: 830
Size W x D x H mm: 3000 x 1275 x 3070
Sump Capacity L: 1729
No of Drums Stored: 16
 DH920Z  Weight kg: 860
Size W x D x H mm: 3715 x 1275 x 3070
Sump Capacity L: 2223
No of Drums Stored: 20
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