Maintenance Absorbent's including Absorbent pads, sheets and rolls for a wide range of industrial applications where leaks of oil, petroleum or water based chemicals are present.

Maintenance Absorbents

Our secure IBC storage units have a wealth of options and can store up to 24 standard IBC's. Designed and manufactured to offer protection for hazardous and expensive chemicals on remote sites where manned security is absent or not available 24 hours of the day.

Secure IBC Storage Unit

Mobile Drum Pallets that are easy to move. The drum pallet comes with integral sump and is available with an optional dispensing cradle so that once stored 210 litre steel drums can be moved around a factory and chemicals dispensed with out the risk of a spillage.

E-MDP2C mobile drum pallets

Manufactured from 3 mm steel plate and corrugated for additional strength the units have a fully seam welded sump, galvanised removable grid mesh deck, lockable doors and forklift transport hoops. The lid is fitted with a gas strut to aid opening, a metal stay bar to lock it open and the unit is shot blasted before being painted. Available in 2 and 4 drum models.

HD2D 2drum external bunded store

Mobile Plastic Drum Dispensers are manufactured from PE ­ (Polyethylene) and 100% recyclable plastic with a capacity of 250 litres and designed to carry 210 litre steel drums.  The dispensing dolly or drum cart can be used by one person to load the dolly then tip for dispensing.  The dolly is available in Yellow and two models offering slightly different specifications.

mobile plastic drum dispensers in differnt positions

Sewer Blockage and Surge Detection wireless transmitters are an award-winning and widely used alternative to using ultrasonics for real-time blockage and surcharge detection in sewers, storm drains, tanks and wet wells.

bdt wireless level transmitter

Oil Only Absorbent's are specialist absorbent materials designed to soak up oil and petroleum and will not absorb water so that they float indefinitely.

Oil Only Absorbents

Chemical Spill Kits

Plastic Drum spill pallets are rotationally moulded in the UK using polyethylene and they are compatible with most liquids (see our compatibility guide for more information) they are extremely robust and fully compliant with the latest UK regulations.

4xdrum pallet bund with drums

Spill / Drip trays are useful products to have around and are supplied in different sizes to fit under the possible leak with enough capacity to collect all of the spillage. Most of the trays are acid resistant plastics so are suitable for a very wide range of chemicals.

P3241255 spill tray 120x55x5

The plastic spill pallets below come in three different types.  Standard plastic spill pallets, integrated plastic spill pallets where the safe dispensing module is manufactured into the plastic pallet base and the spill pallet dispenser which allows spill to flow back into the pallet base in case of tap leakage or operator error when used with our spill pallets.  

SJ-500-004 02 Double plastic IBC bund

Spill-Aid is an inorganic blend of siliceous minerals, containing, in variable form, sodium potassium and aluminium compositions. Therefore, Spill-Aid absorbs liquids by way of silica encapsulation; this means that Spill-Aid turns any liquid* in to a solid. This solid can then be disposed of economically. Totally safe, inert, & amorphous, Spill-Aid reduces the need to stock a wide variety of absorbents. It is so lightweight & easy to use, it dramatically reduces clean up costs, labour costs & the ever increasing costs of waste disposal.

Spill Aid Logo

Plastic Spill Trolley manufactured from tough plastic material. The drum trolley comes with the safety of a built in sump for any spillage and brakes are fitted to the rear swivel wheels. Also available with pneumatic wheels for travelling over rougher terrain.

E-5200 Plastic Spill Trolley

Spillage mops are ideal for use in supermarkets, restaurants, fast food outlets, food processing industries, hospitals, schools, offices, and factories.

Click on an image below for a larger picture.

Spill Mops

Polyethylene drum funnels for the safe and easy way to transfer fluids into drums and containers without spillage or waste.

E-3005E-3005 funnel

The SpillShak Plastic Storage Unit is an industrial plastic all weather drum storage container with a roller shutter door for ease of access and also has a built in storage area for first aid kits and documents. As well as drums the bunded floor store can be used for any liquids that you do not want to leak into the environment. Designed to accommodate either 2 or 4 standard Steel or Plastic drums.

spillshak 4drum plastic shelters

Outdoor Chemical storage has never been so practical...or so affordable! If access, efficiency, and a large storage area are what you need then the Job and Hazard huts could be your answer.

plastic job hut

Super absorbent cushions and socks are great for collecting machine tool cutting fluids and oils and because they expand when used they provide an easy indication that they need replacing.

Super absorbent cushions and socks

Portable Spill Containment Berms for safe containment of hazardous chemicals and ideal for parking tankers and vehicles on to prevent leakage entering the environment.

Stinger Berm - Containment Pool

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001

2001 No. 2954
The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001
Made  21st August 2001
Laid before Parliament  29th August 2001
Came into force  1st March 2002