Beca Recycling Plastic Cup Bins

Recycling Bins for vending machine plastic cups, cans and plastic bottles. The plastic tops are available in Green, Red and Black. The chutes can store the equivalent number of plastic cups of four normal swing top bins. 

Streamline cup bins

The World famous standard Beca Bin

Specially designed for the disposal of used vended cups. The unit has a central funnel for waste liquid, which collects in the base bin ready for emptying. Cups are then placed in one of the outer collection chutes for recycling or disposal.

Reduces waste volumes by up to 75%

Choice of base colour – silver or charcoal

Capacity of bin Up to 500 cups (max cup diam 79mm)

Max diameter of cups 79mm

Dimensions (w) 354mm x (d) 354mm x (h) 570mm

Streamline Cup Bins

There is a separate funnel for any waste liquid, which collects in a removable flask for ease of emptying. The unit also facilitates larger sizes of cup.

Streamline Plastic Cup Bins

The new streamline cup bin incorporates a separate top cover with deep sides which has been designed to hide any plastic collection bag whilst allowing the liquid collection flask to be emptied without the need to empty the complete bin. This ensures the bin is kept looking smart, is easy to empty and clean whilst maximizing the number of cups that can be collected.
This bin not only reduces cleaning and waste management costs but also introduces and encourages recycling.

Colour coded tops to encourage waste segregation. This new unit incorporates a removable top which has been designed to ensure that any collection bag is hidden and includes a pictogram.

Product Specifications
Top: Black, Green or Red
Colour of base: Charcoal
Dimensions  (w) 420mm x (d) 334mm x (h) 595mm

Beca 100 Cup Bin

Beca Bin cup

Using the “stackabilty” of used cups the collection chute saves significant space

Liquid high level indicator

Small footprint

Capacity of bin Up to 100 cups

Max diameter of cups 79mm

Dimensions (w) 323mm x (d) 323mm x (h) 693mm