The litter bin that looks like a drinks can has a capacity of 90 litres and is ideal for the recycling of aluminium and steel drinks cans. The Polyethylene outer shell comes in a wide range of stone finishes and colours and is easy to clean and weather resistant. The rubbish is collected in a galvanised steel liner and every bin is provided with a lock and key. The Black bins are manufactured from recycled plastic.

Drinks can litterbin in Red

The drinks can litter bins can be personalised with your own logo and graphics.


  • Ground Fixing Bolts
  • Pre-drilled paving slab
  • Internal steel base plate and fixings


  • Height 900 mm
  • Diameter 520 mm


Litter bin in the shape of a drinks can - colour green

  • Pivoting ring-pull lid
  • Polyethylene bodyshell
  • Lock and key
  • Galvanised steel liner.
  • Weighted base
  • Hygienic - easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly - recyclable plastic


900mm high x 520 diameter


90 litres

Colours Available

  1. Red
  2. Dark Green
  3. Orange
  4. Light Green
  5. Dark Blue
  6. Maroon
  7. Yellow
  8. Light Blue
  9. Black
  10. Purple
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