To make larger waste bins more accessible the semi-underground bins act like icebergs with the majority of the space underground leaving an attractive top with access to the bags and litter up to a staggering 5 m cubed.

semi underground bins group image

The BAGIO products are the perfect solution for locations with high quantities of waste in parks or service areas for example. BAGIO bins offer an invisible large fill volume and a comfortable height for the user. The weight of the waste and gravity automatically compress the waste and reduce its volume.

Infrequent emptying saves labour costs. The eco-friendly standard version of the waste system comes without print and decoration. 

bagio semi underground waste collection

Different colours and designs are available on request. This underground waste system is highly efficient and modern  with a clever bag system instead of a solid inner container. 

The bags are made from robust and recyclable polypropylene. The relatively low weight does not require special trucks for emptying, a standard truck with a crane is sufficient.(Image below for clarification)

Dimensions for the different models of semi-underground waste systems

Bagio dimensions
bagio technical data

* Standard models come with regular bags and the BIO Bagio is fitted with a stronger bag which also contains a 50 litre tank for capturing liquids.

semi underground bins emptying

Reasons the Semi-underground system may be suitable for you.

  •  Lightweight and robust due to roto- moulding production technique- Thanks to a stable design no additional body reinforcement is required
  •  Double layer bag system for high stability- Bags made from recyclable polypropylene material
  •  High UV resistance of the visible part
  •  Very long product life with low maintenance
  •  The visible part of the container is available with different coatings Efficient design for optimised emptying, easy cleaning and maintenance
  •  Inner bag is fixed to the lid during emptying. This saves time.- Innovative "One Point System" for a faster emptying process by just one person.- Hygienically clean solution with automatic lid closure
  •  All sizes have the same comfortable height

semi underground bins different tops

For more information on the semi-underground waste system please view or download the small four page leaflet below and contact us if you would like a visit or for more information.

Download Semi-Underground Waste Leaflet

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