Our underground waste container systems involve locating urban waste containers under public and private areas with the aim of bringing innovation, variety and efficiency to the city environment and especially to urban waste collection technologies. Furthermore, this initiative helps create more space on public streets and less waste collection traffic.



We offer our clients a wide range of underground container systems which are suitable for use with the various lifting and emptying mechanisms on the market. Solutions designed to facilitate the efficient depositing, storage and emptying of all types of waste. Classic solutions applied to an innovative use of plastic materials, bringing a fresh new design and approach to the urban environment, without compromising the inherent functionality and robustness of industrial products.

Hydraulic Rear Loading Waste Management


All these bins are capable of carrying glass, paper, packaging and organic waste

Model Material Capacity Height
Millennium Polyethylene 80 Litres 1110 mm
Europa Polyethylene 80 Litres 1043 mm
Espamecat Metal 75 Litres 870 mm


  • Metal or high-density polyethylene disposal columns with plenty of space for customisation.
  • Accessible to all.
  • Optional access control and fill control systems.
  • The pigments used to manufacture the components are free of heavy metals.
  • 2, 3 or 4 column platforms.
  • Upper platform with paved or checker plate finish.

Lifting equipment:

  • remote controlled.
  • collection vehicle power take-off.
  • Installation in prefabricated concrete pit.
  • Equipped with rear loading containers.

Available in 2, 3 and 4 column configurations.

2 column hydraulic underground waste dimensions


3 column hydraulic underground waste dimensions


4 column hydraulic underground waste dimensions


Waste Container Components



Manufactured in 10 mm thick LHDPE with matt textured finish.

80 litre drum, stainless steel fabrication.


     Millennium Disposal Column 175 x 175 mm

Europa Disposal Column    175 x 175 mm


Made from 3mm thick steel plate, hot dip galvanised with anti-graffiti paint.

Available in a wide range of colours.

Designed with plenty of space for customisation.

75 litre drum, stainless steel fabrication.


Walk-on upper platform constructed in the form of a tray to enable the application of a rubber surface or a finish similar to the surrounding pavement. 4.5cm thick so that  2.5 or 3 cm slabs can be used. It is advisable to finish the capping over the pavement with a 2% slope to prevent water ingress into the pit.

It can be supplied in hot-dip galvanised designed to prevent ingress of rainwater once the column is fitted.

Upper frame finishing at the pavement comprising an assembly of 80 mm sections, 3 mm in thickness.

Hydraulic and electrical assembly comprising:

Hydraulic cylinders with an ultimate strength of 52 to 62 kg/mm2 and an elastic limit of at least 34 kg/mm2.

Hydraulic centre designed to feed the hydraulic installation for which it has been designed.

It is made up of the tank, manufactured from sheet metal with a flat surface and a sight gauge to monitor the maximum and minimum levels of hydraulic oil - comes with drain plug on the underside for maintenance.

Electrical enclosure manufactured from polyester to give it a high level of corrosion resistance.

Gradient compensators - both the upper and lower platform are fitted with individual compensators which are capable of absorbing up to 6% street gradient in any direction.

Lower platform made of galvanised sheet steel

Scissor lift - the structural component which enables gradual lifting on both sides of the platform.

The lower frame fixes the container structure to the concrete prefabrication







Images of previous installations in the UK and France.

hydraulic underground bin system

underground bin system raised E18

underground bin system raised E20

underground bin system raised installation

View or download the underground bin brochure.

As well as the above hydraulic systems we can supply the Ingenio system shown below.

Ingenio the ingenious underground waste collection

ingenio underground waste bin collection 


Like the tip of an iceberg the ingenio system stores up to 5 metres cubed of waste underground. With a variety of crane hooks at the top along with attractive pedestrial platforms the bins become a welcome addition to the urban space. With fewer collections needed traffic is reduced and one person can efficiently collect several units during the day.

A recent installation at Milton Keynes was photographed showing the different stages.

4m cubed underground bins 1

Stage 1 the bases/troughs for the underground bins are delivered to site.

4m cubed underground bins 2

Stage 2 the concrete sleeves are lowerd into the ground and fixed.

4m cubed underground bins 3

Stage 3 the actual bin bases are delivered ready to be lowerd into the bases shown above.

4m cubed underground bins 4

The final stage is the top and then the underground waste bins are ready for use. In Milton Keynes the site is being used for glass recycling though the Ingenio system has 5 different tops and inserts and a wide range of WRAPS to suit.

INGENIO G5, new generation: the perfect solution for amounts of waste of 3–5 m³. While the refuse is stored underground, only a minimum surface area is required above ground. Single operator can operate the system and due to the larger collection storage the collections can be less frequent.

If you would like to see more details for the Ingenio underground bin system click here.

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