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These elegant, aesthetically styled litter bins combine first-rate functionality with a timeless and stylish appearance. Heritage bins are equipped with a 100-litre zinc coated steel liner or an optional plastic moulded liner. They are part of the coordinated Heritage range of traditional litter bins and bollards, with their appearance being enhanced by a gold band trim included as standard.

Heritage Round external bin

Push top bins offer a quick and easy method of disposing of various waste products. We have a selection of manual to fully automatic sensor bins and probably the widest range of colours that are all manufactured in the EU.

Industrial bins with push bin lids

Hippo novelty bins that encourages fun and early litter and recycling awareness. Designed for schools, hospitals, swimming pools, leisure complexes and tourist areas, this novelty bin is available in several models as shown below. Suitable for internal or external use.

Hippo novelty bins in pink and blue

Rossignol is a 100 year old French company manufacturing a wide range of products for the Health, Public, Hospitality and Educational markets. To ensure reliability and quality of its products, Rossignol regularly conducts laboratory tests. Merlin Industrial Products are one of the main UK distributors.


Classic Internal Litter Bins for designed for foyers, shopping malls and educational establishments with built in integral liners of fast and easy emptying.


Industrial rubbish chutes manufactured from high quality polyethylene and built to the highest specifications, our rubbish chutes are designed to resist abrasions, withstand heavy impacts and maintain rigidity in both hot and cold conditions. To prevent splitting, all our rubble chutes are seamless, one-piece moulded.

rubbish chute range

The litter bin that looks like a drinks can has a capacity of 90 litres and is ideal for the recycling of aluminium and steel drinks cans. The Polyethylene outer shell comes in a wide range of stone finishes and colours and is easy to clean and weather resistant. The rubbish is collected in a galvanised steel liner and every bin is provided with a lock and key. The Black bins are manufactured from recycled plastic.

Drinks can litterbin in Red

We supply a range of sack holders and clinical waste bins that comply with the latest requirements HTM 07-01.  Manufactured in the UK and designed with the NHS waste management requirements these bins offer compliance, quality and cost saving features. The hands free model allows waste to be disposed of safely preventing cross infection.

NHS approved pedal bins

The litter bins below have recycled polyethylene outer skins and galvanised liners though these can be plastic as well if preferred. This makes our bins weatherproof and ideal for a long working life outdoors. Larger images are available on request and we also offer personalised graphics for corporate sites.

Drinks Can Litter Bin

To make larger waste bins more accessible the semi-underground bins act like icebergs with the majority of the space underground leaving an attractive top with access to the bags and litter up to a staggering 5 m cubed.

semi underground bins group image

Small but very useful skips ideal where access is a problem and where large amounts of waste are not generated.These Mini Skips are especially suited for use in production areas where space is limited e.g. under power presses and other production machines.


Bins and accessories designed for toilets that include nappy and sanitary towel disposal along with clever air fresheners that also protect against bacteria in washrooms.

range of bins for toilets

A range of very popular litter bins all with metal liners and locking mechanism. The standing litter bins can be bolted down or filled with ballast.  Smaller litter bins can be post mounted or wall mounted.

Merlin Litter Bin

 Merlin outdoor bin

Classical outdoor litter bins with galvanised liners in an attractive range of colours and models.  Mainly used in public areas such as parks and town centres these traditional waste bins are proving popular in schools.

Copperfield litter bin

Plastic moulded bin converter top for 45 gallon / 210 Litre drums that turns an old oil drum into a LARGE waste bin with three openings so that they can be used from all angles. The oil drum converted bins are ideal for festivals and outdoor concerts and the tops can be stored for use taking up a lot less place. 

Bin Converter

The Twin bin double sided waste management receptacle has been designed to offer two forms of waste segregation such as recyclable and non-recyclable. Available with vinyl wraps the twin bin can be modified for all sorts of segregation helping your recycling reach new heights.

twinbin with stainless steel lids

A range of pedal operated bins have been developed to avoid the need of hand contact. The bins have been deigned for environments where hygiene is of high importance such as wash-rooms, kitchens, hospitals, surgeries or food halls.

Single Pedal Operated Sterile Bins

Our underground waste container systems involve locating urban waste containers under public and private areas with the aim of bringing innovation, variety and efficiency to the city environment and especially to urban waste collection technologies. Furthermore, this initiative helps create more space on public streets and less waste collection traffic.


Plastic litter bins moulded from MDPE and available in attractive colours originally designed for children in schools but now popular in shops and areas frequented by young people.


A wide range of forklift mounted skips in three main versions with many different capacities. Base emptying, Roll forward skips and plastic tipping skips. Images below can be enlarged by clicking on them.

adb base emptying skips

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