Canteen Food Service Trolleys

Stainless steel trolleys and shelving for canteens and restaurants with tray clearing trolleys, cutlery dispensers, dish was drip dry trolleys, serving trolleys and pizza proving mobile racks all designed to offer years of service and manufactured in the UK so that we can also offer special orders.

canteen trolleys and shelving

Gastro 1/1 Trolley Profile 325mm

gastro 1 1 trolley

Finish Stainless steel
25 x 25 mm formed tubular frame
Welded stainless 1.5mm tray slides – fitted with end stops
Available as 10, 15 or 20 tiers
Dimensions 450 x 610 x 1700 mm high (includes bumpers)
Max load per level = 20 kg, Max load per trolley = 200 kg
Tray slide pitch 10 tier model = 135 mm, 15 tier model = 90 mm, 20 tier model = 65 mm
One piece formed sides
Blast Chiller compatible
Tray slide end stops for safe transportation
Stainless grade 304 throughout
125 mm non-marking castors (2 x braked)

Gastro 2/1 Trolley Profile 530mm

gastro 2 1 trolley

Specifications as above.

Dimensions 655 x 736 x 1700 mm high (includes bumpers)

Options - Food quality cover and C' profile anti-tilt tray slides

Gastro 2/1 Space Saving Stackable Trolley

gastro z frame trolley

‘Z’ frame design allows units to be stacked saving 80% space when unloaded.
Same specifications and dimensions as the the gastro 2/1 trolley.

Gastro 1/1 and 2/1 Low Level Trolleys

gastro low level trolley

The Gastro low level stainless steel tray trolley is available in 1/1 and 2/1


Gastro 1/1 = 450 x 610 x 900 mm high (profile 325mm)
Gastro 2/1 = 660 x 700 x 900 mm high (profile 530mm)

Ideal for under counter and preparation areas and can double as a stand for mixers ex cetera.

Premier Racking Trolleys for Bakeries

Bakery Trolley 30"x18" Profile 18"

stainless steel bakery trolley

Dimensions 840 x 585 x 1700 mm high (all models)
Available in 10, 15 and 20 tier models

Heat resistant castor's
Full height back stop
Space saving ‘Z’ frame design
‘C’ profile anti-tilt tray slides
Disposable polyethylene covers

Patissier Trolley 600 x 400 mm Profile 400 mm
Dimensions 700 x 540 x 1700 mm high (all models)
Other specifications are the same as the Baker trolley.

Pizza Proving / Cooling Trolley

pizza proving trolley

Finish Stainless steel
25 x 25mm tubular frame
Welded stainless steel tray slides 1.5 mm thickness
Stainless steel wire mesh removable grids
Available as a 5 tier model only
Dimensions 600 x 450 x 1750 mm high

Complete with 5 x stainless wire grids
All grids removable for cleaning
Dimensionally suited to all major brand retarder provers

 For the complete range of food service trolleys and accessories for canteen please download the brochure