We have five different desktop drawing boards available for drawings A1, A2 and A3. Competitively priced and manufactured in the United Kingdom these products are suitable for students and industrial use.

Bretton Portable Drawing Board

For precision and ergonomics nothing helps more than a professional floor standing drawing board.  Designed for just one task and with experts and students in mind these floor standing drawing boards offer excellent value for money.

Ackworth Drawing Board

Wood or Steel plan chests for the horizontal storage of plans and drawings in various sizes such as A0 and A1. The traditional wooden plan chests and the steel chests are available in a range of finishes.

orchard plan chests

Storing and making architectural plans and drawings both tidy and accessible has normally been the domain of the plan chest though the clamping system offers a more economical alternative with faster access.

plan clamping systems

We offer a wide range of solutions for the storage of plans and drawings. The planchests and drawing cabinets are functional, eye catching and cost effective. Images can be enlarged by clicking on them and we also have brochures available on request.

superdrawer 50 horizontal steel planchest

Ideal for holding a large amount of drawings in cabinets with prongs or wall carriers.  Designed to fit the most popular drawing cabinets in the world.

Suspension tapes

Our light boxes and light tables offer a wide range of sizes to suit most applications.  Designed to effectively illuminate and review art, drawings etc. with professional colour corrected lighting to at least 5000k and tables up to 2 metres we are sure we have a solution for you.

beambox white colour A3 lightbox

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