Air - Adjustable Height Tables

This electrical height adjustable table with built-in lights and controllable using your smartphone is the latest in office design and ergonomics. Not only can you alter the working height from sitting to standing but you can alter the colour to signify you are in a meeting, lunch or unavailable.

air adjustable tables with lights

Kara Executive Office Furniture

Kara is a distinct executive office furniture range with broad slab end legs with eye catching strips of metal to break up the four choices of desk tops which are Matt Zebra Light Oak, Amber Walnut, Royal Brow Oak and Glossy Enamelled White Glass.


Avant Office Furniture

The Avant executive office furniture range manufactured in Germany to exacting standards comprise the Trend, Design, Cult and Classic furniture ranges. The Avant office furniture is made using steel, wood and glass, depending on the model you choose.  Normal delivery is just 7 to 10 Working Days.

avant office furniture


Leasing Furniture and Equipment as a possible finance option.

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Benefits of Finance

  • Conserves Working Capital
    Cash is the most valuable commodity in your business, it doesn't make sense to tie up valuable cash in a depreciating asset that you will use for several years. Financing allows you to retain cash within the business where it can be used to invest in growth.
  • 100% Financed
    We are able to finance your entire solution including design, fit out, furniture, audio visual and cabling all within one easy payment per month.
  • Fixed Payments
    Your payments are fixed for the duration of the agreement, unlike bank overdrafts which are repayable on demand.
  • Tax Efficient
    Leases provide a tax efficient way to finance office furniture as your rental payments are a fully allowable expense against your taxable profits.
  • Accelerated Return Of Investment
    By spreading the cost of your investment over the useful life of the asset you can demonstrate a faster return on investment. 
  • Flexibility to change
    Financing your investment provides future options to add further investment to your agreement without necessarily increasing your monthly payments. This allows for greater cash flow management and budget control.
  • Preserves existing credit lines
    Financing your furniture leaves your existing credit lines free to finance growth or to cover uncertain trading periods.

How do we go about arranging finance?
You can complete the request for quote form on this site or call a us directly on 0844 963 2197

How long does the approval process take?
This can vary depending on the size of the facility and complexity of the structure however, most agreements can be approved within 48 hours.

When does the finance agreement start?
For the majority of transactions your chosen supplier(s) are paid directly on delivery of the solution and your agreement is then activated.

Who is responsible for insurance?
It is your responsibility to insure the equipment for its use and for injury or damage to third parties.

What about adding more equipment at a later date?
You can add to your agreement at any time if you need to acquire additional equipment. By extending the term of your agreement, it can be possible to add more equipment and maintain the same rental payment. This flexibility can greatly assist in your cash flow management.

Can I include design and fit out costs within the facility?
Yes. We can provide 100% finance for your total solution.

What if we relocate, can we move the furniture?
Usually yes, if this is within the UK . However, you must always notify us of any move in advance, so we can confirm our approval in writing and amend our records accordingly.

What happens if there are problems with the equipment that is financed?
All warranties from the supplier are passed to you, and you should take up any issues relating to the supply of equipment directly with the supplier. We will assist where we can, but the onus is on the supplier to maintain the product.

Can we settle our finance agreement early if need be?
Yes. You may request a settlement figure at any time, simply call our customer services team with your agreement number.

What is the minimum value that you will finance?
In normal circumstances, the minimum value we can finance is £5,000. There is no maximum.

Does the entire solution have to come from one supplier?
No, you can include several suppliers within the same facility.

Avid MFC and Wood Veneer

Avid MFC and Wood Veneer executive furniture from the same UK factory that makes the popular Minster range of veneered furniture. Today’s open plan office demands furniture to match, and the Avid range with its newly-launched goalpost leg and open frame design, perfectly suits the most contemporary environment.

avid executive furniture in walnut veneer

Magnum Executive Office Furniture

The Magnum Executive Office Furniture range of desks and storage is available in American Walnut and Dark Oak scratch resistant laminates and unlike real wood veneers the Magnum range will not fade in sunlight over the years retaining its sophisticated looks.

magnum executive office furniture

Corniche Executive Furniture

Corniche Executive Furniture hand built office furniture that exudes quality. The Corniche range represents a commitment to providing a range of executive office furniture with the highest achievable standards of elegance and quality. Manufactured with solid wood lipping and available in a choice of five quality real wood veneers.

corniche-details close up of edging

Managerial Office Desking

The managerial / executive desking system is a modern cleanable and fade resistant melamine finished office furniture range stylised for an individual office rather than the alternative modular ranges that we supply. Manufactured in France and quickly available with shipments two times a week.


Dyrlund Executive Furniture

World renowned European manufactured executive office furniture company from Denmark with collections in rosewood, oak, walnut, redheart beech or ash either natural or stained. Built using traditional skills and using the latest techniques and technology. A price list is shown below and manufacturing time is 6 - 7 weeks.

super skyline desk in rosewood veneer 600px

Mundi Executive Furniture

The Mundi range of executive furniture comprises wooden veneer and steel desks with glass tops along with matching meeting tables and comprehensive storage that includes a modern credenza.

mundi executive desk

Elements Executive Office Furniture

Elements Executive Office Furniture is crafted in a wide range of woods and veneers. The Elements desking and storage range is designed with 50mm / 2 inch thick slab end legs and tops. Manufactured in the UK by craftsmen and women with care and exquisite attention to detail so that each piece of furniture is special and with the real wood veneers every desk subtly is different.


Oracle Boardroom Tables

The Oracle executive boardroom table range has sleek lines and exquisite wood veneer finishes, ORACLE combines visual appeal with all the functionality you would expect from a contemporary range of prestigious boardroom furniture.

oracle boardroom table in boardroom

eRange Executive Office Furniture

eRange Executive Office Furniture is designed for the iPhone era and demanding customers. We care about the details. That is why the eRange, an executive furniture system was developed at the London design studio for the modern office requirements but with added style and panache.

e-range-top executive furniture

Partners Executive Office Furniture

An all time classic, the Partner Executive Furniture will never fail to add class to your office. It looks stunning in any of our standard or exotic veneers, either individually or combined, with the option of a detailed inlay to finish off the design. Most of our executive office furniture is bespoke with quick deliveries but sometimes there is a requirement for something special and unique.

partners executive office furniture

Executive Steel Office Cupboards

A range of heavy duty Executive Steel Office Cupboards designed to look good and offer enhanced security within an office or home environment. Offered in Hacienda Black, Winchester Oak, Noce Marino Walnet and Graphite Miracossa wood finishes along with Pearl White, Kashmir, Sand Beige and Grey/Brown colours.

executive steel office cupboards

Quadra Executive Office Furniture

Quadra Executive Office Furniture when status is a substance the Bold, elegant lines, natural materials and a strong personality, creating executive furniture of maximum effect. The unmistakable design of Quadra is based on great care for detail and a meticulous selection of natural, exquisite materials. The desktops are in real wood veneer with leather inserts, the pedestal legs are in light travertine stone or, alternatively, covered in real wood veneer capped with a capital in chrome-plated steel.

executive quadra office furniture

Flite Executive Furniture

Flite Executive Furniture a new range of executive furniture designed for the modern office with a mix of hand built craftsmanship and CNC computer controlled engineering to make sure you get the perfect executive desk and storage solution.

Flite Executive Furniture

Rio Executive Furniture

The Rio range of executive desks stands out as a dynamic and eye-catching offering, thanks to a variety of available melamine finishes and the combination of a wide range of coloured glass worktops with the elegance of distinctive metal desk structures.

rio executive red glass desk

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