Air - Adjustable Height Tables

This electrical height adjustable table with built-in lights and controllable using your smartphone is the latest in office design and ergonomics. Not only can you alter the working height from sitting to standing but you can alter the colour to signify you are in a meeting, lunch or unavailable.

air adjustable tables with lights

The Air range of height adjustable desks are classed as Executive, not only because of the price but because they have been designed for the individual and there personal work-space now imminently controllable at the touch of a button or with the use of their smart phone.

For people increasingly concerned about their future health and well-being and with the workplace a large contributor to the time we have, it is important to look at our daily activities or lack of.

air adjustable table white outline

Height adjustable from 64 to 130 cm - Standard desk height is 72 cm Available in White and Black

Technical description

• Structure made of lacquered laminated, thickness 25 mm.
• Cable management: through a Top access hatch on the desk with possibility of feeding cables down a specific cable channel.
• 'I-shaped' leg of adjustable height with a flat rectangular base.
• Leg structure with 2 Linak electric columns.
• Stroke of the electric column: 66 cm height.
• Max. axial force: 800 N (= 80 kg).
• Low sound level.
• Adjustable screw jacks of diameter 25 mm and stroke 10 mm to compensate for any defects in the floor.
• Round button to adjust the desk height, control the LEDs and their colours.
• Application available on Apple and Android.

Remote Control

• Round button to adjust the desk height, control the LEDs and their colours.
• Power cord L 250 cm.
• Use temperature: + 5 °C to + 40 °C.
• Application available on Apple and Android.

The tables can be customised using the light effect LEDs around the top to indicate the availability of the user.

air adjustable tables with pink lights


Electrical mechanism with 2 Linak certified silent motors. As healthcare professional, Linak is a guarantee of quality and durability.
• The height is adjusted with a hand-controlled sensor.
• The desk can also be controlled using a Smartphone. The mobile app is used to adjust the height and define the colour of the light panels.
• The app can also be used to view performance statistics via the «force indicator». This feature indicates the calories burned throughout the day depending on your position.
• The legs have a broad height adjustment range from 64 to 130 cm.
• A well-designed product including a top access hatch and a cable channel for the workstation

Download the brochure for the Air adjustable height table / desk