Levitate Office Desking

The Levitate desking range is a difficult one to categorise as it fits the executive, modular and home office areas. The solid oak A' frame legs with their natural grain allows the Levitate range to rise (Sorry, Pun intended) above the normal desking with the standard steel legs and take on a more natural and warm feel whilst offering the same longevity of steel.

levitate group office 600px


The Levitate system comprises of desks, workbenches and high tables with a solid and durable supporting structure that consists of an A-type base and a frame to which a top is fixed. The system is complemented with suspended pedestals, a secretary box, panels and accessories.


The tops for desks and workbenches are available in two versions:
• fixed top – rectangular, rounded to a 100 mm radius on the user's side;
• sliding top that consists of two parts: – fixed part – rectangular top with fixed depth 220 mm,
– sliding part – rectangular top rounded to a 100 mm radius on the user's side.

The sliding top ensures direct and easy access to the second storage level organiser. The sliding range of the top is 150 mm. Between the fixed
part and sliding part there is an 8 mm functional gap that allows for channelling cables and ensures access to a media port (cable outlets and media ports are ordered separately).

A top for high tables is available in two versions:
• rectangular top, rounded to a 100 mm radius on four sides,
• oval top.
The 25 mm thick tops are available in the following options:

• melamine double-faced chipboard, class E1. The narrow desktop edge is protected with a 2 mm ABS edge band (for the BI and MB finishes a laser edge band is available as standard),

• plywood covered with linoleum on one side; the underside of the top is covered with counter-pressure laminate. The narrow top edge is protected with wax, which makes the plywood structure visible,
• chipboard veneered on one side; the underside of the top is covered with counter-pressure laminate. The narrow top edge is finished with natural edge band. The option is available only for the fixed part of the sliding top – this applies to a desk/workbench with a sliding top.

Second storage level organiser

This is an integral element of a desk and a workbench workstation with a sliding top. It is a functional and aesthetically pleasing place for storing personal items and office tools. It consists of a few trays with different dimensions, depending on the desk width. The organiser is made of thermo-formed felt with an optional media port (position of the media port: left or right).
NOTE: if you choose an organiser with a media port placed on the left, the assembly of a suspended pedestal will only be possible on the right side of a desk and vice versa.


The fixed height of desks and workbenches is 740 mm, while the fixed height of high tables is 1050 mm. Glides that allow for levelling in the
range of +10 mm are available as standard.

Please find a breakdown of the Levitate parts below.

levitate desking parts schematic

1 A-type base
2 Top – sliding part
3 Top – fixed part
4 Panel
5 Secretary box
6 Suspended pedestal
7 Organiser box
8 Headphones hanger
9 Document shelf
10 Round cable outlet
11 Second storage level organiser
12 Media port in the organiser
13 Slide lock
14 Vertical wire trunking
15 Horizontal wire trunking

For working as individuals with a wide range of accessories.

levitate single user desks

Team working and maximising available floor space.

levitate team working desks

Enjpoy the same style of furniture in the staff canteen or break out areas.

Levitate break out furniture

The Levitate A'frame desks allow free flowing spaces ideal for new ways of collaboration and working.

levitate modern desking


Download the full Levitate brochure with finishes and prices.