Buronomic Office Furniture

Buronomic office furniture is designed for teams whilst providing modern work spaces for individuals working with the latest technologies available today. Manufactured in France and available delivered and installed in two weeks the range grows to encompass new technology and materials.


New for 2018 brochures.

  1. Prestige Meeting tables

  2. Prestige Managerial furniture

  3. Stricto Sensu Managers desking range

  4. Astrolite Desking Range

  5. Comfort Wooden Storage

  6. Paisible Metal Storage

  7. Essentiel Modular Desking

  8. Ensemble Meeting Tables

  9. Classif Filing Cabinets

  10. Astro Direction Executive Desks

  11. Colouer Colourful operator desks

  12. Patience Break out furniture

  13. Retro Office Furniture

  14. Style curved executive desks

  15. Succes Meeting tables

Complete Buronomic catalogue with prices


Rather than individual models the Buronomic modular office furniture is now simplified and made up of a wide range of different leg styles shown below with straight, cantilever and panel end models along with straight and shaped desktops all available in a wide range of finishes.

  Buronomic 200x300 link to catalogue


The sizes of desks are checked in height and depth to ensure optimum ergonomics in the seated position.



50,000 cycles of opening tests ensure the durability of storage items and pedestals (with loaded drawers for the pedestals). The resistance of pedestals, with open drawers is also tested under a vertical load of 25 kg.



Desks are subjected to a lateral force on 2 axes for 5000 cycles in order to ensure the durable

robustness of the structures, and 1000 cycles for pedestals and storage items.



The stability and lifetime of desks, pedestals and storage items are analysed in a large number of vertical static loading tests



The doors and roll-out/sliding elements of storage items are subjected to a locking test under a traction effort of 20 kg.


British Standards

Buronomic’s furniture is certified NF bureau and therefore complies with British Standards (BS): EN 527 for desks, EN 14073 and EN 14074 for pedestals and storage units.



The quality and durability of the materials enable us to guarantee all our ranges for 5 years under normal conditions of use.


Choice of Legs for Modular Office Furniture



A1 Optimised leg system for bench style office furniture


A1 Standard leg system for modular office furniture


A1r Adjustable Height Standard leg system


A2 Optimised Panel end Leg for the Double Sided Bench system


A2 Steel Standard Leg system


C1 Steel Beam Cantilever Leg system


C1 Cantilever Leg system


C2 Decorative Cantilever Leg system


L1 Panel style Cantilever Leg system


L2 Panel style Cantilever Leg system


P1 Panel End Leg system


P2 Accented Panel End Leg system


Choice of Modular Desk tops.

Finishes available across the Buronomic Modular Office Furniture System

Download and View the Digital Modular Office Furniture Brochure