Wallspace Office Storage Partition

Offering infinite planning flexibility, maximum efficiency and functionality, Wallspace will totally transform your office.

Wallspace filing storage

Wallspace brings entirely new dimensions and innovative solutions to the problem of office storage. From site survey to installation, every part of the design, specification and planning is taken care of, in consultation with the client. The aim is not only to maximise valuable space, but also to create an environment that will enhance the productivity and motivation of those who work there.

All the Wallspace modules are standard with 18mm back panels which allows the system to be reversible and with either a single or double door module you can create a partitioned office.

 Wallspace storage

  Wallspace filing storage
When using four roll out filing frames and three lateral filing frames each 1000mm bay of Wallspace can take the filing of three 4-drawer filing cabinets saving a footprint of 350mm-400mm.

Finishes Available

White, Apple, Beech, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Oak and Grey


Wallspace double door units

Double door modules are part of the standard range allowing easy access in areas such as showrooms, schools, hospitals.

Wallspace units with top doors

Top doors are added over 2600mm high to add stability and this gives ideal space for archiving. Three-drawer filing units are available in 800mm and 1000mm widths.

Wallspace corner bays

Corner bays have enough room to accept large printers to keep noise levels low.

Wallspace wavey doors

Wave doors add more flair and creativity to the office.

Wallspace offers a full range of internal fittings

  • Roll out file frames
  • Lateral file frames
  • Stationery drawer
  • CD/DVD drawer
  • Systems shelving with dividers
  • Combination shelves
  • Pull out reference shelf
  • Pigeon hole units

Display Cases

Wallspace display cases
Wallspace glass shelves

Glass display cases are available with optional soft lighting and glass shelves.

Audio and Visual Bays

Wallspace audio visual bay

Audio and visual bays are availablein 1200mm and 1400mm widths. All doors are bi-fold to allow the doors to fold out of the way when either viewing or presenting.

All audio and visual bays are vented to allow heat to escape naturally.


Fixtures and Fittings

Since hinges, handles and locking mechanisms are of paramount importance, we specify only the best.

Wallspace fixtures and fittings

Cable Management

Wallspace cable management

Cable management for power and communications is handled discreetly via base plinths


Wallspace quotations are processed within 24 hours.Wallspace is available within four weeks from us receiving your order.

Week 1
You send us your order

Week 2
We site survey your premises to double check the Wallspace will fit perfectly

Week 3
We manufacture the Wallspace exactly to your specification

Week 4
We install your Wallspace with trained installation staff

Wallspace CAD layout

Standard Bay module widths are: 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.