Acoustic glazed POD's with flexibility that is embedded within the product in all forms including height, width and depth (all of which can be specified to any mm increment), panel finish, footprint and AV integration, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements. All pods are supplied with integrated sliding doors and ceilings are fitted with LED lighting operated with a PIR.

glazed partition POD offices

Called "Quiet Space" these acoustic pod's can be installed in open offices and spaces to offer an attractive and useful area for meetings and training away from the general office noise.

glass partition pod circular

Every QS Pod have the following advantages;

  1. 5 year guarantee against defects providing that the product has only been subjected to normal wear and tear and has not been misused or abused. Fabrics are excluded as they are covered by the respective manufacturer's for their guarantee.
  2. Can be manufactured and supplied to any size and format allowing the pods to be added to exisitng offices of irregular shaped spaces.
  3. Sound absorbtion has been tested and rated at 29 dB noise reduction based on half the panels as fabric and the other half as glass. Certificate available.
  4. The various panels can be fitted with a range of power supplies that are hidden and terminate at floor level.
  5. The panels can be supplied with magnetic finishes allowing them to double as whiteboards and magnetic boards to help with training and meetings.

pod screen cabling options

Cable and Network outlets

rectangular office partition with glass sliding doors

Built in ceilings and LED lighting as standard

Some of the accessories available along with standard features.

Power post standard
Sockets provided are OE Puma in light grey supplied in either 2 or 3 gang configurations with a variety of options available including power, USB charge, data and HDMI. All cabling is hidden within the post and terminates at floor or ceiling.

Power post enhanced
Sockets provided are Burland MEB-K supplied in 2 gang configurations with a variety of options available including power, USB charge, data and HDMI. All cabling is hidden within the post and terminates at floor or ceiling.

Slow close doors
Available for sliding doors providing automated closure function. Not available on curved pods.

Interplay flooring
This is a loose-lay underfloor system of tiles provided by Interface that can be used to absorb sound.

Top shrouds
Supplied on all pods to partially conceal the down lighters, air circulation and associated wiring. They are 120mm high and manufactured from Perspex in a white frosted finish (code: S2000).

Lighting consists of 12 volt LED lamps fitted in down lighters. They are controlled by a passive infra-red sensor (PIR) and powered by a flexible mains lead
extending from one of the posts.

Air circulation
An air circulation unit blows air into the pod at a maximum of 230m 3 per hour and is operated when the lighting is illuminated.

Monitor / screen mounts
Available to hold monitors or TVs. Always fitted to a single or double power post. Able to hold monitors up to 60 inches wide.

Office tool rails
Available for panels allowing accessories including paper trays and pen pots to be used.

Floor tracks
Supplied on all pods to ensure smooth operation of the sliding doors. The track is attached to the framework on either side of the door but is not attached to the floor, retaining the free standing nature of the pod.

Magnetic writeable glass
Available in a variety of colours allowing magnets to be used on dry wipe writable glass.

Manifestations and logo's
They are available in spots/stripes or as bespoke logos and artwork. Usually supplied in opal frosted vinyl, alternative colours and styles are available.

plan view pod partition

Download example shapes and sizes with product codes.

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