Make your reception a light and welcoming space with the Buronomic Reception counters and designed and manufactured in Northern France and available quickly from stock. Clean, elegant and practical it creates the ideal setting to welcome and impress your visitors.

rivage reception counter with leds

Fixed reception counter unit

Base Structure

Panel-end leg, dimension: L60 cm / H71,5 cm (inclusive levelling feet)

• Material : Structurex®  - MFC*, thickness 25 mm, edging ABS

• Cut on the height of the leg for cable management.

• For sliding top: 2 panels connected by strut for the slider D34.8 cm which also serves as a stiffener.

• For fixed top : 2 panels connected by the full front panel

• Adjustment by levelling feet 25 mm diameter and allows up to 10 mm to correct the defects of flatness of the ground.


Available in L 140, L 160 and L 180 / D70 cm or L180 / D80 cm (inclusive top and full front panel), in fixed top or sliding top.

• Material : Nitech®


• Sliding: mini-rollers fitted under the top which slides on the base structure.

• The sliding top gives quick, easy access to the optional metal cable tray.

• The maximum opening is 9 cm.

Assembly: pins wood, brackets, metal insert screws and wood screws

Full front panel

The full front panel is a structural modesty panel. Dimensions: L 140, L 160 and L 180 / H109,5 cm

• Material : Nitech®

• Equipped with a frosted glass shelf, thickness 10 mm, fixed to the upper edge of the front panel by 2 chrome-plated brackets.

• Equipped with a stabiliser, chrome-plated epoxy finish, to fix below and at the centre of the full front panel.

Dimensions: Total length 57,6 cm / Overhang : 12,3 cm

rivage reception counter rear

Briefcase holder

Material : metal chrome epoxy finish • Dimension : D10 / H17 / L40 cm

Fits on the upper edge of the front panel reception desk

DDA reception counter extension unit

Available in L140 / D40 or 60 cm • Material : top Nitech® * - metal leg chrome epoxy finish

Comprising of desktop fixed on the reception desk by 2 brackets and 2 chrome epoxy metal legs 50 x 50 mm section outer side.

Assembly: metal insert screws, wood screws

Meeting table

Dimension: D90 / L90 / H75,5 cm • Material : top Nitech®  - metal leg chrome epoxy finish

Comprising of top on 4 chrome epoxy metal legs 50x50 mm section.


Nitech® : honeycombed panels between 2 melamine coated 8 mm infills, total thickness 38 mm with decorative coating imitating a choice of wood species.

Anti-shock reinforcement edging in ABS, thickness 2 mm.

Structurex® - MFC: Melamine-Finished Chipboard, decorative coating imitating a choice of wood species. Counter-balanced and treated against reflection.  

rivage reception counter

B Concept Plain Reception Counters

b concept white reception counter L

b concept white reception counter rear

b concept white reception counter U

b concept white reception counter

Please see some of the possibilities available in the Buronomic range of reception counters and the brochure at the bottom of this page should you wish to download.

fifty full reception counter

This reception counter is fabricated using the new timber look laminate designed for 2020 and beyond.

fifty full reception counter with timber finish

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