Office screens and partitions provide many benefits with the main ones being noise reduction and privacy.  Most of the office screens we supply are demount-able and can be moved as and when required and make office plan changes easy to implement.

Acoustic Screens

Acrylic desktop office screens in a choice of three exciting and refreshing colours.

Acrylic desktop screens

In the last 5 years the requirement for attractive private spaces inside a building have become more popular and we at Merlin were one of the first to display the systems on our pages. We now have the widest range of acoustic pods and alcoves available within the UK.

fence acoustic furniture

The versatile, free-standing, linking screen system providing a wide choice of panel shapes and sizes for temporary or permanent space division. Curved and straight modules are aluminium framed in a range of colours and inner panels can be glazed, laminated, metal or timber, fabric or wallpaper filled.


The Flair Clean system is a new antibacterial stylish screen manufactured from Virtuon – a board material with hygienic and antibacterial properties – suitable for use in any area where the build-up of bacteria could present a risk such as hospitals, meeting and waiting areas.

Call centres

The Budget screen range uses 30 years of manufacturing experience to give cost-effective solutions for the many screening problems that occur in today's offices.

Budget Screens diagram

From a company called Merlin supplying screens called Camelot makes sense.  The trellis effect screens are always popular in canteens and offer privacy when eating and visibility when you are stood up.  With all the fabric and wood finishes available you can tailor the Camelot screens to suit your corporate colours or to match the local decor.

Camelot Examples

A flexible wooden screen designed to provide an attractive solution to break-out and reception areas. The contour screen can be used individually or linked together to produce a variety of layouts. The contoured screens use the popular and hardwearing Formica Fundamentals range of finishes that are also easy to clean.

Contour flexible office screens

The RB screen range uses 30 years of manufacturing experience to give cost-effective solutions for the many screening problems that occur in today’s offices. Sturdily constructed in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be supplied as Free-standing or Linking, in a range of 21 fabric colours with a choice of Black, Brown, Light Grey or Dark Grey, UPV a high impact resistant edge trim.

RB contract office screens

The contract range of Free-standing screens are unique in their ability to offer a host of special features which you would only expect to find on more expensive products.

contract screens

Customised office screens are available for requirements where a specific design is required to suit your particular needs. Special cutouts can be provided for various structural items such as pipes and shapes and sizes can be designed to work for your office space.

customised office screens

Fabric acoustic screens whilst popular in the office are not ideal in a hotel or restaurant so we now offer the timber trellis screens designed with superior acoustic properties that can be customised as below to offer attractive quiet areas.

Acoustic Curved trellis timber screens

Originators of and Design Award Winners for Desk-Top screens. Over the last sixteen years they have constantly re-invested in extensive research and tooling to build up a library of off-the-shelf fixings that enable almost any desk ever made to be retro-fitted with screens.

Desktop screens

Display Boards and Panels


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Floor standing and desk mounted Flair fabric covered office screens and panels.  Flair Fabric will enhance office environments, whether used for floor standing or desk mounted screens.


Floor standing and desk mounted screens with a laminated wood grain finish to match existing office furniture or to produce a contrast with other work space areas.


Speed screen has been designed for quality and flexibility.  The full range of heights and widths, combined with an extensive choice of fabrics and accessories, gives the look and feel of a custom built solution without the expense. Available as Full height screens or desk mounted.


The Titan Concertina Folding Panel Screens are both strong and light with a 180 cm high panel weighing only 3.9 kg, and with a five panel set weighing in at only 20 kg. These screens are easy to move and put away and panels can have fabric on one side and a drywipe board on the other so perfect for training.

titan concertina folding office screens

The EFS range of Free standing screens are unique in their ability to offer a host of special features which you would only expect to find on more expensive products.

EFS Variuos screens

Glass or Glazed screens allow maximum light within a space while also offering a way to define areas and routes. The Glass screens can be supplied in clear, frosted and even sign written versions with company logos and manifestations.  As well as the glazed screens we can supply information display stands perfect for menu and brochure display.


Being the second generation of acoustic screens designed from the outset to combat office noise, The Jubilee screen system has been progressively developed through six prototypes with the aid of The Sound Research Laboratories. 

Jubilee Office screens room shot

The workplace and the way we work are constantly evolving. We are continually required to create new spaces within existing environments with an increasing demand on flexibility. To meet this demand Nautilus was conceived. Originally taken from a client brief which required a free standing, acoustic, fabric covered furniture solution.

nautilus fabric alcove pods 600px

 Suitable for break out areas and communal or the popular social spaces needing to maximise light the Slatwall screens offer an attractive way to accomplish this. The slatted screens also offer a three dimensional barrier changing pattern as you alter your position.

slatwall office screens

Natural curves, solid wood, pure elegance. Nothing matches the style of the new Sussex curved screen system.

Sussex curved screens for restuarants and cafes

A natural environment with greater flexibility