Folding Concertina Screens

The Titan Concertina Folding Panel Screens are both strong and light with a 180 cm high panel weighing only 3.9 kg, and with a five panel set weighing in at only 20 kg. These screens are easy to move and put away and panels can have fabric on one side and a drywipe board on the other so perfect for training.

titan concertina folding office screens

The aluminium edging whist intrinsically pleasing to the eyes have also been designed to make full use of its shape to give both rigidity and lightness, thicker is some places and lighter in others, the main centre panel is made from a new style of MDF which is both light and strong.

The surface of the aluminium is anodised to a thickness of 12um finish, smooth to the touch with no sharp corners, these folding panels have been designed to be quick and easy to use and to give you problem free use.

folding office screens with drywipe panels

Offering many solutions to everyday problems.

  • Make a meeting private in moments,
  • Erect a sales display in seconds,

Be it a conference area, classroom or your workplace these screen panels are already assembled for your immediate use.

folding office screens with fabric panels

Titan Concertina panels are available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 panel set's and are fully mobile, these concertina panels will expand to form a private area in the office for that sudden meeting and just as quick will fold away again for easy storage.

TEP panels are upholstered on both sides in Royal, Black or Light Grey fabric, TEW panels are made with fabric on one side and whiteboard on the other.

The width of the panel is 60 cm and there are two heights 180 cm and 150 cm the 180 cm panel weighs just 3.9 kg.

All Titan concertina panels are made under the Band D price grouping and are mass produced screens for stock distribution. Titan concertina panels have been specifically produced in the three most popular colours for stock only, this achieves significant cost savings which are passed on to you the customer. Stock replacement can take upwards to 4-8 weeks depending on the production cycle, sometimes longer.