Acoustic Screens and Office Panels

Office screens and partitions provide many benefits with the main ones being noise reduction and privacy.  Most of the office screens we supply are demount-able and can be moved as and when required and make office plan changes easy to implement.

Acoustic Screens

Office panels and partitions come in a wide range of models to suit a variety of budgets and design considerations.  Acoustic screens or partitions are designed to decrease noise pollution from office machinery and people talking.

Being the second generation of acoustic screens designed from the outset to combat office noise, Jubilee acoustic screens have been progressively developed through six prototypes with the aid of The Sound Research Laboratories.
Within the constraints of reasonable weight, bulk and cost, they are probably the most efficient noise control screens that can be produced from today's materials.

The entire range is available as Freestanding screens with stabilising feet, or as Linked screens with height adjustable feet. Flat, Curved, Vision and Shaped screens of assorted height and lengths can be mixed and linked in any order required to form departmental partitions and work cubicles.

• available in over 150 fabric colours

Screen66 Fabric Colours Download PDF

Galaxy Screen Fabrics Download PDF

  • Widths up to 1800 mm
  • Custom sizes to order
  • 4 colour edge trims as standard
  • Substantial 62 mm thickness
  • Pin-board surface as standard
  • Flame retardant to BS476, Part 7, Class 1

Cable Management within Office Screens
Jubilee Screens can be supplied with a built-in cable duct positioned at the base or midway (800 mm) up the screen. The duct is divided into three separate sections for Power, Telephone and Computer wiring, with a screw fixed cover which is upholstered in a matching fabric.

This wire management facility conforms to current EC regulations.

The graph below details the sound reducing properties of the Jubilee Acoustic Partition screens. Please contact us for your Free acoustic screen catalogue.

Acoustic Office Screens Frequency Data
  • 120 dBA Jet takeoff (200 feet)    
  • 100 dBA Construction Site
  • 100 dBA Shout (5 feet)   
  • 90  dBA Heavy truck (50 feet)
  • 80  dBA Urban street
  • 70  dBA Automobile interior
  • 60  dBA Normal conversation (3 feet)     
  • 50  dBA Office, classroom 
  • 40  dBA Living room 
  • 30  dBA Bedroom at night