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The freestanding steel screens in painted steel allow you to create instantly independent flows for ensuring social distancing with no need for construction work. The sturdiness of the design enables full stability and avoids any inadvertent movement of the screens. Available in two versions : steel sheet panels or combined steel sheet / plexiglas panels.

freestanding steel screens

The steel screens are available in two heights 175 and 150 cm and they can also be fitted with a 50 cm Plexiglas panel to allow vision and light to pass through.

Panel weights 150 cm is 15 kg and the 175 cm panel weighs 17 kg

Suitable for a wide range of areas.

  • Industrial
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Restaurants

freestanding steel screens both heights

All steel freestanding panels are 120 cm wide and consist of a starter panel with two feet and extra panels - extensions - are added to meet the run of panels you require. Extension panels only have one foot cutting down the costs.

The 150 cm high panels are ideal for delineating areas in restuarants and hospitals where people are sat ot lying down, providing privacy and protection from viruses and other contaminents.

Quick and easy to assemble the units can also be used at 90 or 270 degrees

Finish Powder Coated Light grey RAL 7035

Manufactures from 0.8 mm steel the panels can easily be cleaned with all currently used detergents meaning no specialist ceaning requirements are needed.

The oval feet can be left as-is or for a more permanent solution, bolted to the floor.

freestanding steel screens 150cm high

The panels are dispatched from the factory in France every 48 hours and can be with you quickly to be used immediately.

The Kits contain all accessories(Posts, Panels, Tubes and fastening elements) Allen key/drivers are not supplied.

Starting module

  •  2 uprights
  •  1 panel (steel or steel /polycarbonate)​
  •  Steel bases (1 unit)​
  •  6 fastening flanges ​ for the steel panel and 8 for the steel / polycarbonate panel​
  •  2 side tubes 25x15 mm​
  •  Installation manual

Extension module:

  •  1 upright
  •  1 panel (steel or steel/polycarbonate)​
  •  Steel bases (1 unit)​
  •  3 fastening flanges​ for the steel panel and 4 for the steel / polycarbonate panel

90°/270° angle module:

  •  1 angle upright 90° / 270°
  •  1 panel (steel or steel / polycarbonate)​
  •  3 fastening flanges
  •  1 holding wedge
  •  Screws

freestanding steel screens 175cm high


  • This free-standing partition wall is the perfect solution for defining and separating spaces to increase sanitary safety.
  • It is so easy to assemble, it allows you to quickly adapt and organise your spaces to suit the current conditions.
  • The painted steel partition can be used to instantly create independent areas such as rooms, waiting rooms, open spaces, reception areas, etc., with ease.
  • The partition wall will be very useful in healthcare establishments like hospitals, clinics and laboratories as well as in large supermarkets and local shops, public spaces, government departments and local authorities, but also, because of its universal application, in other areas of business that may need it.
  • It provides effective sanitary means because it helps guarantee that social distancing is maintained and barriers are respected.
  • Its sturdy design ensures complete stability and prevents the partition wall being moved accidentally.
  • The partitions come in two different heights, 1500 mm and 1750 mm, with a length of 1200 mm to suit different uses.
  • The 1500 mm height allows full visibility over the panel while the 1750 mm partition prevents it.
  • Available in two versions : steel sheet panels or combined steel sheet/plexiglas panels.
  • Join several partition walls together to create a truly independent space!
  • The partitions are joined using the starting bay/next bay principle to guarantee the elements are completely stable.
  • Practical information:
  • Can be cleaned using conventional detergents.
    Made of 100% recyclable steel.
  • The partition wall is modular:
  • You will certainly be able to add to your installation should you need to in the future.
  • Fix your partition wall to the floor if necessary: there are pre-drilled holes in the feet for this purpose (floor fixings are optional and can be purchased separately).
  • Partition walls can be customised (colour, engraving) on request subject to order quantity.
  • The manufacturing times are excellent: we can dispatch your partition walls in under a week and supply them in optimised packaging according to your order.
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