The Aemon sofa range is modern and has industrial strength.  Built for colleges and commercial premises the Aemon is perfect for reception and break out areas.

3 Seater Aemon sofa

Manufactured from recycled plastic and available with or without backs these all weather benches and tables provide a long term solution for furniture requirements that are open to the elements and are ideal for Parks, Educational and Commercial areas.

Recycled plastic Bench and Table

The sixteen different styles of anti-static chairs and stools shown below are all static dissipative that allow for a gradual dissipation of any static electricity and are designed to protect Static Sensitive Devices (SSD) to the European standard EN 61340-5-1:2001. 
Anti-Static Chairs

Due to the interest in our auditorium / theatre seating we have added new ranges suitable for Universities, Theatres, Corporate training and college lecture halls. The brochures are available below and we have technical advisor's ready to view your site and make recommendations.

College auditorium seating range

A wide selection of banquet chairs suitable for Bistros, Restaurants and commercial areas. Our PDF brochure is available for download should you wish to browse at your leisure. The banqueting seating is available in a wide range of commercial fabrics along with linking units and optional arms.

Deluxe Wellesbourne Side Chair

A new range of bariatric seating developed in the UK specially for the healthcare industry. The chairs not only look good but offer the required strengths and accessibility required for heavy duty bariatric requirements.

Bariatric Seating range UK manufactured

Beam seating is a designed to offer 2 to 5 places on a bar with a leg at either end.  The places can be chairs or tables and the beam seating ranges are primarily designed for Reception areas, Waiting areas such as the Airports and Doctors and offer cleaning staff an easy way to access underneath with vacuum cleaners and industrial floor cleaners.

Voyage beam seating

Tiered seating has been around a long time and designed for children. The new Blockley range provides the same multi-level soft seating capabilities for adults.

Blockley soft seating group shot 600

Breakout seating is a fairly new term for comfortable chairs for meeting areas for staff or customer where the designs are modern, attractive and colourful. We have a wide range of breakout furniture listed below and available in a wide range of fabrics to match corporate colours or the local décor.

tock breakout seating group shot

A comfortable mesh backed chair rated for 8 hours use available in Black and Blue.


Seating designed for Industrial use in factories, schools and laboratories across the United Kingdom. Manufactured here to the latest European and British standards you can be confident that your chair or seat will perform as specified with a warranty of up to 6 years.

contract seating uk

The Court sofa range of hand built soft seating manufactured here in the UK and available with a wide range of fabrics including vinyl's and leathers. Designed from the start for commercial use the chairs are ideal for receptions and waiting areas.

Court Sofa Range group picture

Designed for areas where a strong modern design fits in with the corporate image. These square cut sofas can be finished in fabric, vinyl or leather with an almost infinite number of colours.

Cuboid Modern Sofa Range

The Domino sofa range of hand built soft seating manufactured here in the UK and available with a wide range of fabrics including vinyl's and leathers. Designed from the start for commercial use the chairs are ideal for receptions and waiting areas.

Black and White Sofa Range

This range of clean room seating provides the optimum balance between ergonomic function and clean room specification. ESD Clean Room and Medical Grade Technical Chairs feature a HEPA filter to clean expelled air from the seat.

static safe industrial chairs

Static electricity is created all the time at home and at the workplace. In normal circumstances hand contact with a conductive material will discharge static from the body very rapidly. This is ESD (Electro Static Discharge).

neon workchair

ESD Stools for static sensitive production and assembly areas for the added protection to static sensitive devices (SSD). The stools below are suitable for Clean rooms, Laboratories and Electronics production facilities. Glides are supplied as standard though we can fit ESD castors.

TC308 ESD stool

The Evesham sofa range of hand built soft seating manufactured here in the UK and available with a wide range of fabrics including vinyl's and leathers. Designed from the start for commercial use the chairs are ideal for receptions and waiting areas.

Evesham Two Tone Leather Sofas

Executive office chairs in Fabric and Leather finishes and with such a wide range of styles we can supply a seat that is as individual as you are and with the latest technology will remain comfortable and ergonomic for years of service.


The Forum Seating auditorium systems are specialist designed for lecture halls, conference rooms and training centres. Forum Seating chairs can be installed in many spatial configurations i.e. in straight line, arch, inclined plane and the arrangements of steps. The wide ranging choice of functional features make the Forum Seating auditorium chairs exceptionally popular with their users; they are an excellent choice for conferences and lectures.

Vision flip up forum seating

We have three heavy duty office chairs with capacities from 24 to 27 stone (170 kg) that offer comfortable seating and are all rated for 24 hour use making these an ideal chair for call centres with 24 hour opening times.


Wide selection of industrial chairs, stools for use in anti-static environments, clean rooms, operating rooms and specialist production areas.  Most of the chairs and stools below can be fitted with optional extras such as foot rings and extended gas lifts, arms and glides instead of castors.


Kneeling chairs are designed to help alleviate pains caused by bad posture and as most office workers sit down for a majority of the working day the kneeling chair has a major part to play in introducing ergonomics as unlike a modern office chair there are not countless of adjustments to make. Recommended for no more than 3 hours constant use.

Kneeling Chair in wood - choice of fabrics

Malvern soft seating range with curved edges and elliptical upholstered coffee table. Manufactured in the United Kingdom with a lead time of approximately 4 weeks and available in a wide choice of fabrics including leather and vinyl.

Malvern Sofa Picture

The wealth of highly skilled UK labour has enabled the company to design and manufacture a versatile modern range of sofas and settees that is very competitively priced.

Milan range of soft seating for reception areas

ESD seating must demonstrate a sound electrical continuity path. This is achieved throughout the structure of these chairs, without earth straps which are prone to damage. Both surfaces of the seat and back pads are covered in an ESD fabric that contains a continuous carbon filament that will not wear. Non-marking glides are moulded in a conductive polymer ensuring continuity with the conductive elements of anti-static flooring.

static safe industrial chairs

Pod and privacy booth seating is a new and exciting variation that mixes bench seating with upholstered back and side panels. The advantage of the upholstered backs is that they aid in absorbing noise and help make an area less susceptible to local noise pollution such as large waiting areas and break out lounges at Universities and Colleges. The new Railway Carriage Alcove is shown below.

railway carriage alcove seating

Polyurethane is the most versatile of materials and is ideal for stools and visitors chairs which have many different uses because it is hard wearing and always cleanable.

PU4 High Chairs

Polyurethane is one of the most versatile of materials and is ideal for stools and chairs for laboratories and clean rooms. All these stools are suitable for clean rooms and industrial use and can be supplied with brake unloaded soft wheel castors instead of glides. Black bases can be replaced at a small additional cost for the aluminium base as shown below.

Polyurethane S2 Stool

Designed for concourses, airports, stations, Hubs, Lounges and anywhere a stylish and comfortable seat is required with the added acoustic benefits, these soft seats are manufactured in England and can be upholstered in a wide range of finishes and materials. Please see the bottom of this page for the stocked ranges of soft seating.

public spaces soft seating

Tubs and sofas manufactured in the Midlands and available in a wide range of fabrics including your own.  Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your seating has been manufactured by skilled trades people here in the UK and that the guarantee is genuine.


The Rapide extra large luxury executive operator chair with leather edged seat and back incorporating breathable mesh inserts. The Rapide chair features a gas seat height adjustment and reclining function with tilt tension control and an independently adjusting back angle. Includes height adjustable armrests 

Rapide extra large executive operator chair

Saddle chairs or stools are ideal in production areas where the operator needs to move around a work piece, for example these are very popular with hand made bed manufacturers.  Tough overall construction for use in applications where harsh use and abuse negates the use of office of budget seating.

Oxford Saddle chair

Inspire client and visitor confidence with one of our reception seating solutions. First impressions count, and with Merlin you can create a welcoming, professional and functional soft seating area at a price that suits.

iceberg soft seating for receptions

Sterile applications demand an absolute commitment to the control of hygiene and cleanliness. The consequences of failing to meet the required standards can be serious in pharmaceutical production, food preparation and in public healthcare.

TC311 Sterile Laboratory Chair

A selection of our most popular wood framed conference chairs are shown below along with images and specifications. Images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Monet Side-chair CH0515

Worcester Tub Sofa Range ideal for reception or break out areas. Rounded arms and a matching circular upholstered coffee table provide a comfortable and welcoming experience.

Worcester Tub Sofa Range

This range of executive office seating offers unrivalled comfort and strength with a capacity of 128 kg or 20 stone.  With 4 way stretch fabric and thick padded seats with the latest memory foam and a guarantee of 5 years.  Technologically advanced these chairs also come with the latest state of the art control mechanisms offering a tailor made fit to your frame.  We have added larger images of these chairs so that you can see the quality we can offer.  Please click on the picture below for the detailed view.

CXO Executive Chair


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