Breakout Seating

Breakout seating is a fairly new term for comfortable chairs for meeting areas for staff or customer where the designs are modern, attractive and colourful. We have a wide range of breakout furniture listed below and available in a wide range of fabrics to match corporate colours or the local décor.

tock breakout seating group shot


Tock Seating Range


The Tock range (image above) is an ideal option for staff rooms, student accommodation and reception areas. The classic wooden frame incorporates a heavy duty metal sub-frame for extra strength, a generously upholstered seat and back and complementary coffee tables.


Woodframe Seating

 woodframe breakout seating

The hard-wearing Woodframe Reception range features a quality Beech frame and unique fabric edge detailing. The popular choice for waiting rooms, the Woodframe’s fully upholstered sculptured seat and back provide assured comfort.

The range includes single and double seats, with and without arms, and a matching wooden table.


Forum Seating

forum breakout seating 

The Forum is an affordable, flexible and fully modular seating solution.

The range includes full arm and no arm segments, inner and outer corner sections to provide a multitude of configurations.

The Forum range is priced in a group 1 fabric which includes Ace, Advantage, Plaza and Phoenix. Please contact sales for further pricing.


Encounter Tub Chairs

encounter tub breakout seating 

Cost effective and practical, these attractive tub chairs and sofas will enhance any reception, lounge or informal meeting area.

Stylish and comfortable, with a choice of fabric or leather finishes.


Gomez Seating Range

 gomez breakout seating

A comfortable chair range that can be used singularly or collectively and reconfigured in minutes. A distinctive, sturdy, fully upholstered chair particularly suited to reception environments.


Solace Chairs

solace tub seating 

Combining a generously proportioned seat with a compact overall footprint, our exclusive Solace range is the versatile seating solution for confined spaces. The exceptional comfort of the stylish tub design is finished with sleek brushed chrome legs.


Face Seating

face breakout seating group shot 

The Face range is open and inviting. It will be a welcome addition to any reception, breakout or office environment. Simply offered in bonded leather for a very smart price.



Moonstone Range

moonstone soft seating range 

The Moonstone is available in both single or double seat and upholstered in durable bonded leather. It has a robust metal frame with stylish chrome effect side guards



Tandem Breakout Benches

tandem cross shaped breakout bench 

Tandem defines and sets the parameters.

With its undercut design and central cube the units configure into a multiplicity of shapes and layouts.


Jigsaw Bench Seating

jigsaw seating range 

Bold, contemporary and re-designed to make an impact. Jigsaw offers a range of angular and circular seating modules that show no foot detail anymore. We have also introduced three new shapes. Nine interlocking shapes create limitless configurations and creative seating landscapes.


Situ Breakout Seating

situ breakout seating range 

A Compact range of modular chair and bench units that provide posture comfort along with additional table/storage units to provide a simple effective solution for waiting and reception areas with the ability to mix and match fabrics


Insit Breakout Seating

insit breakout seating 

Sharp and stylish low level modular system which can be used to form large configurations that are ideal for meetings and public spaces


Dot and Dash Seating

dot and dash seating 

Incorporating a modern, space saving design, Dot & Dash are the stylish compact answer to any contemporary reception, touch down or breakout area. As the names imply, Dot has a tubular design, while its partner Dash is a compact square.

Dot & Dash have padded foam seats for exceptional comfort and can be selected with or without legs.



Dishy Seating

dishy breakout seating 

Dishy is a stylish seating solution for corporate or hotel environments. A high and low back chair, with swivel or 4 legged base is presented with a sofa and matching table range.


Chamfer Breakout Seating

 chamfer breakout seating

This stylish tub chair takes its name from its elegant chamfered corners. The Chamfer range offers a chair and matching two-seater sofa. The compact footprint, and option of a swivel-based chair, makes Chamfer the ideal choice for breakout areas and student accommodation. The choice of a white or silver chrome base rail provides the stylish finishing touch to complement fabric choices.


Touch Bench Seating

 touch breakout seating range

Beautifully simple, the modular design means that Touch looks good as a single bench or as a large configuration to dramatically fill an atrium. Perfectly complemented by the Asteroid table.


Intro Seating

intro breakout seating from merlin 

A simple, stylish lounge and reception solution, with endless possibilities of configuration; Intro is available with or without backrests and arms. Attractive as a single or modular option, this range comes fully upholstered and with a satin silver skid frame.


Elements Core Seating

elements core breakout seating 

With creative use of fabric you can make Elements Core suit any corporate, hospitality or educational environment.

Stylish but affordable, simple yet clever, Elements Modular system is easy to link and reconfigure. These units have endless possibilities.

Suggested Uses/Environments

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Reception Areas/Break Out Areas
  • Open Plan/Office
  • Communal Areas



Elements Plus Alcove Seating

elements plus alcove style seating 

Element Plus offers retro fitted acoustic panels to create more private areas in open spaces.

The panels are connected with zips which makes it easy to install and reconfigure.

Clever sewing panels on the high backs allow you to be creative with fabric to suit any corporate, hospitality or educational environment.

Suggested Uses/Environments

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Reception Areas
  • Break Out/Open Plan Areas


Stretch Soft Seating

 stretch soft seating range

With eight pieces, Stretch can be a simple armchair or a collection of multiple units. Silver, Beech or Oak legs and two-tone fabric options are available.


Coco Breakout Seating

coco seating for breakout areas and receptions 

The bold Coco collection of benches, sofas and armchairs creates a striking combination of contemporary and retro style on a solid beech frame. Distinctive in shape, comfortable, generous in size, robust yet elegant – this versatile collection builds exciting landscapes that are suitable for reception, lounge and hospitality environments.

Coco has been designed with sustainability in mind, using an environmental friendly wood construction, recyclable and recycled foam from 100% FSC controlled sources.


Prices and Specifications listd below.