Static electricity is created all the time at home and at the workplace. In normal circumstances hand contact with a conductive material will discharge static from the body very rapidly. This is ESD (Electro Static Discharge).

neon workchair


Static electricity has become a major problem in the electronics industry. The presence of inherent ESD is not easy to detect. Product damage may go undetected at the production stage, but lead to failure at a later date. Once the potential dangers of ESD damage are understood, effective methods of prevention can be put in place.

All-inclusive protection from electrostatic discharge is a necessity whenever modern electronic devices are handled. An EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area) should always use ESD protected materials to prevent component damage. Protection should systematically extend from goods inwards areas to final test and packaging.

The chairs below provide ESD protection in just such environments.

Upholstered ESD Chairs

ergoplus c40bl esd chair

ErgoPlus - the all-inclusive ergonomic package

  • Best possible adjustment to body size
  • Supports the body in every position
  • For any work situation

ErgoPlus offers all the ergonomic features you would expect in a good office chair, with the exception of being designed as a good workplace chair. Besides the outstanding ergonomic features, the requirements of industrial and technical working environments for the materials and construction of the chair are well taken into account. The all-inclusive ergonomic package ensures that it suits every single person and every single workplace situation, without having to make any compromise at all.

Especially well-suited for long lasting work with minor movements, where is a need for a large support area and open angle between the hip and upper torso. Ideal for example to R&D departments and semi-technical environments such as quality assurance and engineering.


Neon - new generation workplace chair

neon workplace chairs group

  • All the same adjustments and features as in ErgoPlus
  • In addition, changeable upholstery and flex strip for protection of the chair and its environment.

Neon chair consists of two elements: the chair element with base and mechanism and the upholstery element. This offers many advantages, such as sustainability, flexibility, individuality and economy, which the changeable upholstery provides.

Neon is the new generation workplace chair. Simple production jobs are increasingly being replaced by tasks that are more complicated. Similarly, office and manufacturing workplaces are merging closer and closer together, and demands on the workplace are increasing. Neon combines ergonomic and functional characteristics to meet the demands of modern industrial workplaces.

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Seating Specifications


Koncept ESD Polyurethane Chair

Koncept polyurethane seat

Chrome, 5-branch, scuff-resistant, reinforced base with antistatic glides
Chrome gas-lift column with height adjustment from 470 to 605 mm and shock absorber
Deformable seat in antistatic black KANGO soft polyurethane, tilted of 2° forward
Auto-adaptive system in the movements of the user

Lumbar support in antistatic black KANGO polyurethane, adjustable in depth
Special conductive polyurethane connects to the metal parts of the chair,
allowing electricity to be discharged through carbon castors or pads

Ergonomy and design
Eliminates the fatigue
Without staples nor seams

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