Posture seating helps to prevent the many working hours lost through back pain and poor posture. We all know that sitting for extended periods is bad for us but sometimes we do not have another option. Posture chairs allow for a very wide range of adjustments so that your chair can be tailored to suit your body.

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Posture seating is an investment in your future health and comfort.

Chiropractor endorsed chairs

It takes a very special design to win the approval of one of the UK’s top specialist

Leading healthcare professional Robert Bateman has tested and endorsed our posture chairs. As a chiropractor, he can only practice in primary health when fully qualified and his profession is continually regulated by law.

Dr Bateman comments:

“Back pain is currently the largest reported reason for sickness absence. The staff that
use a chair promoting good posture with the correct support will be more productive and efficient with a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction and decreased absence levels. The correct chair is not an expense; it is an investment in your bottom line

Chiro Plus

chiro plus posture chair black

Equipped with a sophisticated anti-shock synchronised reclining mechanism the Chiro Plus can be perfectly adjusted to suit your personal requirements.
Each chair features backrest height and seat slider depth adjustment. They also have 3D arms that adjust by height, width and lateral plains.
Sculpted seat and back cushions create an unrivalled comfort zone.

The fully adjustable twist grip lumbar support on the upgraded Chiro Plus Ultimate options provide supreme lower back support.
If posture and health are important to be assured - you are in good hands with the Chiro Plus range.

Stealth Posture Seating

stealth posture chair mesh black

The Stealth is a generously proportioned chair capable of delivering outstanding comfort and reliability to any user.
The superbly refined 24-hour chair is designed and engineered to cope in the most demanding of environments.

Stealth is available in an all-mesh version or a deeply cushioned air mesh fabric with a mesh back configuration. It has optional height adjusting headrests.

Exo Posture Seating

exo posture chair black mesh back red seat

The Exo chair features unique vertebrae inspired multi-flex back design for total user support.
Fully loaded with advanced features this hybrid task executive chair provides outstanding comfort.
The stunning design of the Exo chair is deliberately intended to mirror the strength and flexibility of the natural human vertebrae.

It has a unique multi-flex ribbed support action and weight sensing auto recline mechanism.
Soft-touch adjustable arm pads,an adjustable depth seat and large mesh headrest complete the package.

The Exo conforms to the tough BIFMA testing for durability,comfort and safety.

Spry Stools for Sit-stand desking

spry sit stand stools

The Spry “active seating” experience is a unique new seating concept to also provide better health within the workplace.
Large central column pivots in every direction creating a living movement action. The self-centred hub joint delivers the unique rock and roll movement that encourages subtle muscle movement and increased blood circulation for the user.

Spry features discreet auto height adjusting buttons under the seat which incorporates an ergonomic kick-back plate for extra comfort.
Distinctive upholstery options make this seating development the ideal option for better health and comfort at work.


Flex task and operator chair white back green seat

Modern offices have never had so much expected of them. They are vibrant, bustling spaces where efficiency can be the difference between success and failure.
Quality seating solutions are unique in the workplace. They are one of the very few items that not only positively reinforce efficiency, they can provide users with health benefits as well.
Our task and operator chairs fulfil a variety of functions, styles and price points within the hectic workplace.
Crucially they ensure office users have comfort and the right performance to help them achieve what they need to do.

Posture Seating Online Shop

More working hours are lost through back pain and poor posture than for any other reason. Our innovative, stylish, high-quality posture chairs are designed to provide outstanding support and a high level of adjustability. This enables you to get the chair to ‘fit’ your best sitting position. Every chair in our posture range has multiple functionalities. This allows users to set the chair up for the ideal sitting experience depending on height, weight, build and usage.

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