Anti static and electrically conductive wheels are categorised according to level of resistivity. Antistatic wheels generally have resistivity ratings of below: 10 ^ 6 Ω (ohms). Electrically conductive wheels have a resistivity rating below: 10 ^ 4 Ω (ohms). Please view our range of anti-static wheels below.

WPNEC WAPA antistatic wheels

Jacking castors can be used to vary the height of a platform or piece of equipment between 75 and 200 mm depending on the models shown below. The jacking castor can also be used to raise a platform off of feet so that it can be moved easily around your work space.

JACKING CASTORS different models

Steel and Cast Iron wheels offering the maximum strength for similar diameter. Wheel diameters from 50 to 300 mm and weight capacity of 100 to 7,500 kg. Specially machined to order wheels are also available for specialist applications.


These castors are designed for manufacturers of trolleys and specialist applications and are available on next day delivery in a wide range of sizes and weight capacities.  The different types of brackets make these ideal for any application.


Hooded twin-wheel furniture castors. Housing and wheel made of black nylon, with pressed steel, zinc-plated fixings.


Low level castors are a special type of castor offering the weight loading of a normal larger diameter castor but in a smaller wheel.  This is acheived using different materials and the use of twin wheels in the same bracket.  Primarily used where the height of the trolley or product on top cannot be to high or where added stability is required.


Cushion wheels – the alternative to spring-loaded castors and foam-filled tyres. Used for the safe transportation of delicate instruments around industrial sites.

WSRER Cushion rubber wheels

Nylon wheels are one of the most popular selling wheels due to their strength and economical costs. Stronger than polypropylene they are chemical and liquid resistant and offer a weight loading up to 12,000 kg.  A comprehensive brochure is available at the base of this page and nylon wheels are stocked in large quantities.


Elastic rubber tyred wheels on a plastic centre produces a cheap and smooth running wheel for projects that require a loading capacity of 50 to 500 kg and a wheel diameter of 50 - 250 mm. These attractive wheels have a recommended temperature range of between - 20 and + 60 degrees C.

wrn elastic blue rubber wheel

Industrial rollers with and without bearings covering the 7- to 85 mm Diameter and 500 to 950 kg capacity. Various materials such as Nylon and Polyurethane are available and these are often used for the maintenance of pallet trucks.


Blue solid elastic rubber tyres on aluminium core rim is the most popular wheel in this range though we also supply the wheel with grey or black elastic rubber tyres. With a wheel diameter range of 125 to 200 mm and load capacity range of 500 to 700 kg.


Pallet truck steer-wheels, either solid nylon (polyamide 6), solid polyurethane or elastic rubber or nylon (polyamide 6) on an aluminium core.


Gate castors are a specialist system designed to help take out the variation in ground heights and are mostly used on large gates travelling over uneven ground. The maximum height difference is 75 mm or 3 inches with a weight on the castor of no more than 70 kg. 


Pneumatic wheels provide a cushioned ride for sack trucks, trolleys and platforms making them ideal for rough ground. These pneumatic wheels have plastic centres and we also have pneumatic wheels with steel centres and puncture proof cushioned wheels here.

For many customers the wheel or castor is a replacement for an existing castor or wheel so they generally want the same but if you are manufacturing and designing a mobile product then the guide below on castors and wheels may help you decide the layout, type of wheel and bracket.

Solid white or black polypropylene wheels. With a wheel diameter range of 40 to 400 mm and a load capacity range of 50 to 330 kg. Hard working and economical wheel that is also used as guide rollers in tracks.


A range of castors are available for use in extreme temperature environments. The castors are available with either a zinc-plated pressed steel or stainless steel housing and choice of solid thermoplastic wheels. These castors can operate in temperatures as high as 300°C (please see specific casters specification).

Polyurethane tyre on aluminium rim. With wheel diameter of 80 to 200 mm and load capacity of 200 to 800 kg. Available in a selection of colours. As with all our wheels these can be used on your own axles or to replace worn wheels in existing castors and supplied in a wide range of castor brackets depending on your requirements.


A selection of specialist wheels suitable for high temperature applications of up to 350°C. With a wheel diameter range of 75 to 200 mm and load capacity range of 75 to 900 kg. Materials Phenolic resin, Ditherm and Nylon and Epoxy Resins. Technical Brochure at the bottom of this page.

Brown or yellow polyurethane tyre on black cast iron wheel. With a wheel diameter range of 50 to 500 mm and load capacity range of 80 to 4500 kg.As with all our wheels these can be used on your own axles or to replace worn wheels in existing castors and supplied in a wide range of castor brackets depending on your requirements.