Cushion wheels – the alternative to spring-loaded castors and foam-filled tyres. Used for the safe transportation of delicate instruments around industrial sites.

WSRER Cushion rubber wheels

There is a new soft compound tyre that gives a very cushioned ride – which makes it especially good for carrying delicate items and reducing vibration.
So instead of using normal spring-loaded castors, these cushion wheels will do the job – and be much more cost-effective.

Applications would include hospitals – on food carts for instance, that have to be pushed over uneven surfaces between wards; in potteries for drying racks; on carts for use in residential areas to help reduce noise; and for delicate electrical equipment, medical or pharmaceutical trolleys.


WSRER features

  • Rubber made of special high-elastic, high memory 55 Shore A compound for a quiet and smooth ride on rough and uneven floors
  • Vibration/noise reduction properties
  • Crown profile tread for easier turning
  • Ball bearings for smooth, effortless rolling
  • Operation speed up to 4kph
  • Temperature range -30 °C to +80 °C
  • Available in black or grey tyre
  • Bracket range available for complete castors

High elastic cushion rubber tyre on aluminium rim.
Hardness: 55 ± 3  Shore A
Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C
Maximum speed 10kph
(at this speed capacity reduced by 60%)

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