A selection of specialist high temperature wheels suitable for high temperature applications of up to 350°C such as ovens. With a wheel diameter range of 75 to 200 mm and load capacity range of 75 to 900 kg. Materials Phenolic resin, Ditherm and Nylon and Epoxy Resins. Technical Brochure at the bottom of this page and shop at the bottom of this page.
High Temperature Wheels

 WPT Series of High Temperature Wheels
WPT Range of high temperature wheels

Black thermoplastic wheel with plain bearing. Diameter 100 mm, tread width 30 mm, bore size 12 mm, hub length 40 mm load capacity 180 kg at 300 °C.

Special DITHERM compound made with special fibres and moulded under pressure in a high quality, durable, versatile wheel which features a hard surface and
easy roll on relatively soft surfaces. They feature excellent resistance to water, most solvents, oils, acids and chemical, excellent fire-smoke-toxicity properties and are certified for use in food industry and for any oven application requiring a continuous temperature of up to +280°C with peaks of +300 °C.

Ditherm wheels also work well in freezers with temperatures down to -40°C and guarantee high resistance to thermal shock caused by a quick increase or reduction in
temperature. They have been tested to resist sudden jumps of temperature up to 300°C within 60 seconds. Ditherm wheels will not mark the floor.

WAN Series of High temp. Phenolic Wheels


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